Cocaine in Thailand

Motivational Speaker and bestselling author, Luke S. Kennedy, gives us a little teaser of his upcoming book, Sex, Drugs, and a Buddhist Monk. This upcoming book is the second installment to his #1 Bestseller, Stabbed Ego - A Thug's Journey to Enlightenment.

I heard the door to my room close as my loud screams and frantic actions scared her off. I walked out of the bathroom, dripping wet, and sat down on the side of the bed, naked. Pouring another rum from my tax free supply.

Lie down or run at it? I contemplated.

I threw my glass back, downing its contents, then exited the room.

Out and about I headed back to the main street of Pattaya to look for Ruben. It was now around four a.m., wandering around, without a clue where I was going I couldn't find him anywhere. I wasn’t too fussed. I could do what I want. Beep! A loud horn startled me as I went to step off the footpath onto the road. The car just missed me.


Stumbling back onto the footpath, I saw a man out of the corner of my eye head straight over to me. Turning to not get caught off guard, in front of me stood a scummy looking, unshaven Thai man. He had a thick, long, black hair coming out of a mole on his chin, I stared at it as he began a sentence. “You want drug, you want drug?” He spoke out of the side of his crummy mouth.


This was exactly how it looked when a news report back home showed how Thailand was rife with drugs and drug set-ups. “Fuck going there.” Dad would comment on the story.

If I hadn't already consumed a bottle shop worth of alcohol, I would’ve turned and walked in the other direction.

“Fuck yeah I do, what you got?” Was my dumb response.

“What you want?” he smiled realizing he had a potential customer.

“You got Coke?” I hoped. He nodded his head as he pulled out three satchels from his pocket. Each satchel’s contents varied in colour, from pale white to a pasty yellow.

“One thousand baht,” he said. I did a mental calculation and realised that the Coke was just under forty Australian dollars. In Australia I’d paid an average of three hundred dollars per gram. My eyes lit up. Instead of just accepting his offer, I tried my hand at bargaining with the man. I’d heard that arguing the price would be a thrill, and I’d possibly get away with cheaper drugs. Win-win. “Nah bullshit, I’ll give you five hundred.” I said.


We stood in the main street, his arm extended holding the automatic two year minimum jail sentence. His short fingers gave off the impression they were that of a child’s, though the contents held belonged to a devil’s advocate.

Most people bargained for cheaper DVDs or fake shirts. I wanted a cheaper prison term.


“No, one thousand!” He angrily said back.

“Fuck you, I’m not getting it then.” I attempted to bluff my way into the deal. Knowing full well I would have paid double what he was asking.

People walking past glanced over. I looked at them with my cloudy eyes and smiled, the severity of possible outcomes didn’t enter my mind as I was so intent on furthering my high; escaping more from the moment.

A crowd noticing didn’t bother me, I actually got off on it, as once again, I appreciated the attention. Attention I would surely get, if it turned out to be a raid.

“Seven fifty” I demanded.

“Okay.” He said as he snatched my money. I blindly grabbed the satchel out of his hands, I took off with my purchase and stuck it between my butt cheeks. Running up dark back-lanes I didn't look back. My fast run turned into a light jog as I cruised past a crowd of people. Sweat dripped off my eyelid as my heart thumped from the short sprint and the anxiety caused by the thought of getting caught with drugs in Thailand. I hoped I wouldn’t be tackled into a raid. The hotel was getting closer and I knew my stupid risk had paid off. At the door to our room I could hear sex. I entered anyway.

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