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Mister Minit | Luke S. Kennedy | Corporate Motivational Speakers Sydney



Australia's best Business Motivational Speakers, Luke S. Kennedy, spoke to the senior franchisees at Mister Minit.

I was contacted by the CEO of Mister Minit, Mark Rusbatch, and he asked me to speak at an event they had for their senior franchisees. I jumped at the opportunity. Being a motivational speaker,  I love speaking to a room full of driven people, and feel my angle on things is something that will help them think outside the box a bit.

When briefed on an event I like top do my own research as well on the company or organisation. I was absolutely blown away by the successes of the Mister Minit brand - I had no idea how much they had achieved after their humble beginnings 60 years ago. I also love the fact that the company invests a hell of a lot into their people - signs of a strong company. 

Arriving at the event in Cronulla I soon realised another sign of a strong company - everyone I spoke to had been with the Mister Minit brand for over 15 years! And they were happy.

After meeting the franchisees, Mark the CEO then  gave a short spiel on myself before I spoke. The group was incredibly attentive and open-minded. I have a few heavy stories but relate back to some of the stresses each of us have in our every day lives. I speak about anxiety, depression, and also teh labels that we place on ourselves that take us away from our true happy self - the nodding heads throughout the room is what i look for and there was plenty on Cronulla that night. 

Requested by Mark, i finished the presentation on a few key points that the team can introduce into their lives to look after their health and wellness. It was an open discussion and their input was gold! We had a good laugh but also got some great point across and even a few promises from them to start implementing some strategies into their lives to help with their health and mental health. 

After the talk we all headed down stairs for a drink and ongoing discussion. I also signed copies of my book Stabbed Ego for the franchisees. I have spoken to many large corporations and businesses, and I can honestly say that the culture at Mister Minit is beyond anything I've witnessed. 

A couple of days after the talk I received a letter from the CEO;

Dear Luke,

I wanted to follow up and thank you for a terrific presentation on Tuesday at our Senior Franchisee Workshop. Yours is a great story and really well told. I know from the feedback that it resonated well with our attendees and has incurred a lot of follow up discussion since. Likewise the 'down and dirty' health tips in the wrap up hit the mark.

I also appreciated your time post the presentation and signing copies of your book. The enthusiasm of everyone to get their signed copy and read it was a testament to the inspiring theme and tone of your talk.

Again, well done and much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Rusbatch

Chief Executive Officer

That right there is what it's all about. Coming from my own humbling beginnings, I am grateful to be able to now use my story and travel Australia as a Motivational speaker! Being a motivational speaker to different audiences is something I never thought would be possible. Imagine what you could achieve if you just kept making steps forward...

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Do you have an audience that need to be inspired? Let Luke present at your next event.

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