Our First Meeting

Motivational Speaker and bestselling author, Luke S. Kennedy, gives us a little teaser of his upcoming book, Sex, Drugs, & a Buddhist Monk. This upcoming book is the second installment to his #1 Bestseller, Stabbed Ego - A Thug's Journey to Enlightenment.

....I attempted to stop a taxi though the driver was looking in the other direction as he flew past, I looked to see what he was staring at. My eyes were caught off guard as it felt I was staring directly at the sun. Using my hand to shield some of the glare, I realised the blinding rays of the sun were beaming off a golden statue. To the side, large concrete stairs, it seemed, led and disappeared into the sky. I walked a little closer, doing so changed angles of the sun and I could now see what the statue was. It was Buddha. I was ignorant to any religion besides Christianity at that point. I knew Buddha to be the man whose fat stomach you rubbed for luck. That was the extent of my religious education. Even claiming to be Christian I had no idea about stories of Jesus or the bible. I claimed Christianity as a safeguard, hoping that my possession of the religion would allow me to live after death.

Noticing the Buddha, I hesitated. The stairway to the heavens looked inviting, though I wanted to remain monogamous to my religion, so I turned to walk away. I cheated on girlfriends, not my chance at heaven.

As I turned, a bald western man wearing an orange robe brushed past me as he headed towards the stairs. His soft touch created an intense wake of wind which forced me into his direction. I felt as though the wind was asking me to join him. I was intoxicated and more than likely still affected by drugs so I doubted my senses. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs, the sun’s reflection now sparkling off his head, free of any hair. He stayed at the base of the stairs, I felt an incredible amount of energy building up in my stomach. Before I realized, I was walking in his direction. With his back to me I reached out to tap him on the shoulder and ask him what this place was.

“Just be silent.” He said without turning around.

As though he knew I had started walking towards him, he started walking too. He had pretty much told me to shut up. Normally I would have taken offence to such a request, even swearing in response. He told me to be silent, it not only stopped my question from being asked, but hearing his somewhat magical words slowed my thinking. The words echoed with a frequency in my being. The way he said those three words “Just… Be… Silent…” It was like each word was coming from its own Tibetan singing bowl.

Ding, Just…Ding, Be…Ding, Silent…

Each time one of the bowls was tapped the energy of the word covered my aura, silencing me.

Ding, Just… Ding, Be… Ding, Silent…

He looked to glide up the stairs with zero effort like he was on an escalator. No sound came from his feet as he gracefully raised higher. My sandal slapped on the concrete step as I began my ascent. Sweat dripped off my eyebrows and I could feel the sun burning my skin. I wiped my forehead with my tie as I was overtaken by a tour group being led by a lady in a collared shirt, who herself was being ushered by a monk.

“Local people come here and pay respect and pray for health, happiness, and wealth among other things.”

Wouldn’t mind all of those myself, I thought, as I listened in on the tour. I looked back up the stairs and even though the sun was shining down on me from directly above, it looked like another sun was rising at the top of the stairs. It seemed a blinding pile of gold was sitting at the top, enticing people to push through on the last leg of the monstrous stairs. I stopped to catch my breath and wondered what happened to my western monk. He continued on his path knowing his job had been done. As I got closer, the huge gold pile revealed itself to be another statue, this time of a skinny person sitting crossed legged, meditating. With a final flap of my sandal, I stood tall and noticed myself smiling and felt energized.

“This Buddha statue has been here for over fifty years.” I heard the tour guide say.

Why am I listening? I thought to myself. Even when I planned to listen to someone, I rarely listened, let alone understood, because I was thinking about one thousand other things.

Just… Be… Silent…

Those three words vibrated again through my aura, reminding me. Did the western monk’s three words stick with me and allow me to take in what was being said?

She’s got no idea, I thought. Buddha is fat, there’s no way that’s Buddha. My ego jumped in to question what the guide was saying. I rarely trusted any information, my ego thought it knew better.

After reading the base of the statue, it indeed was Buddha. I was confused. All I knew about Buddha was that he was a big fat man.

Just… Be… Silent…

I stopped myself and decided to listen intently on the tour, to make sense of it all.

“The Buddhists meditate daily, they do this to relax.” The guide started.

The monk who was shepherding the group, stopped the lady speaking by giving her a gentle touch on her waist.

The group who weren't paying too much attention up until this point, noticed the monk’s touch. They stopped chatting amongst themselves and stared at the old Thai man in his orange robe.

“We don't DO meditation.” Emphasizing the word 'do' as he stood in the shadow of the golden Buddha statue.

“Meditation is who we are, when living our mind can go very fast, thinking.” He continued in his humbling broken English.

“When our mind so busy, we aren't who we are. When meditating the mind is silent. That is who we are. We are pure being.” 

Hearing him say those words, my spirit knew what he meant. I felt the words go over my body and tell me that this was truth. When I would visit a church I couldn't understand what was being said, it was like the priest was speaking in code. 

Hearing this monk’s soft voice was like he was speaking in a language designed only for me.

A silent mind, I wondered. My mind was forever frantic. Is it possible to escape from this? 

I strolled away as a slight wind cooled my burning face, I looked up into the sky and felt happy. My life over the last year had improved immensely, I imagined my life getting even better, now that there’s a possibility to shut my thoughts up.

When I get home, I’m going to start meditating more, I thought. I imagined myself wearing the same orange robe as the monk. I was an extremist with anything and wanted to further improve my life after coming so far from my turbulent past.

I started walking down the stairs, this time there was no flapping of my sandal, my feet softly touched the concrete step, I felt lighter. Occasionally brushing the sandstone railing with my fingertips as I lowered towards the street, everything felt like it had slowed down. I was silent. 


The moment I reached the bottom of the stairs I was met with beeping horns as I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. It was like I stepped out of a beautiful weightless dream, into a thunderous cloudy funeral. My mind switched instantly to wondering what I should now DO. My feet began slapping on the ground again as I was now weighed down with thought. Thirsty from the big stairs and searing heat, I decided to quench my thirst with more alcohol.

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