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Primary School Speaker and Anti-Bullying Speakers, Luke S. Kennedy, made a massive impact on the students of Regents Park Primary School. Luke's topics were Bullying Prevention (self-bullying & self-care), Resilience, and how worrying what other people think can seriously effect our lives.

I’m often asked if my content is suitable for primary schools. I have a couple of "heavy" stories that may disrupt the younger ones a little, but these stories are what gets their attention and my explanation of bullying (self-bullying), attempting to live up to labels, and worrying what other people think, enlightens the younger ones and sets them on the path towards being themselves - where genuine happiness is. 

Youth Speaker, Primary School speaker

I ‘PG’ my stories a little but I think they're needed to highlight my deep points. I’m flooded with questions after my talks and these questions highlight how insightful and aware the younger ones are. Relating my stories and messaging to their own thoughts and experiences prove how open-minded the children are.

I believe we can be a little too "soft" and speak to our younger ones as though they're not aware. This results in the children being conditioned elsewhere, by environment, by the 'social norm'. You don't want their belief systems manufactured by chance. The current environment and social needs are throttling their young minds with wasteful and manic thoughts. Why else is there a huge influx in childhood anxiety and depression? They feel lost. Searching for acceptance and not knowing who they are.

This lost feeling leads to depression, worrying what people think, anxiety, trying to impress other people, and bullying.

“Luke ..... Thank You!

Luke came to Regents Park Primary School where I am Assistant Principal. I was nervous. Knew he'd be great but didn't know how great and engaging he would be with the younger kids... My Year 4, 5 and 6's were gobsmacked in the best possible way. Luke had these kids eating out of his to speak. They loved his narrative, I loved his narrative, my Staff loved his narrative. Two Staff members had tears... Today we were buzzing with scenarios- is that a Luke thing to do? Kids got him- he gets kids. Kids are the tomorrow. Thanks for helping our tomorrow LUKE! Really appreciate your work from the heart!”


- Helen Ganis, Assistant Principal, Regents Park Primary.

With the amount of knowledge, negativity, and over stimulation of mind, I feel we need to be open with our younger ones and plant seeds of hope, to open their eyes to possibility, to understand their thoughts aren't who they are, to guide towards happiness, and if it takes a few "heavy" stories to do so, I'm all for it.

They're getting bombarded anyways with negativity through TV, conversation, and environment, so a shift is needed, and is underway. With this forever changing world, we need to adapt. The current shift towards youth self-care, awareness, and mental wellness is starting to make some cool changes. I see that schools are now open to getting in youth speakers and the feedback proves that's it's needed.

After the talk, a student in year 5 gave me this card.

Youth Speaker, Primary School speaker

 I smiled and said  "Thank you so much... this means a lot to me. But one thing, you're not a bad person, you never were. You may have done some silly things but that doesn't mean you are bad. You are a pure happy being. You know yourself that you're capable of doing whatever you want if you put your mind to it. Keep stepping up. Remember to always be yourself."

He smiled, shook my hand, and gave me a hug.

He got it.

Can you imagine his life if he always believed he was bad? He's only a small child!

We have to be extremely careful of the wording we use around people. Especially our children. Labels can shape our destiny. 

We are not our labels. We are born pure. We are happy. 

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Luke travels Australia as the best youth motivational speakers. Book him now to inspire your students.

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