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Severely obese, depressed and an avid drug and alcohol abuser, Luke Kennedy was trying to get his sh*t together and reset his life. After venturing to Thailand for one final hurrah, he partied hard, overdid it, and his path collided with drug dealers and shocking violence. But that’s not where his story ends.


In the forthcoming memoir, Sex, Drugs and a Buddhist Monk, author and renowned motivational speaker Luke Kennedy shares the inspiring true story about how that fateful (and nearly fatal) trip ended in enlightenment after a Buddhist Monk forced him to confront his demons.


The debaucherous trip became much more than just a good story but a fundamental mindset shift and stepping stone towards a silent mind.


A superbly written, action-packed story of a fight to escape violence and learn to face fears.

Sex, Drugs and a Buddhist Monk is an inspiring story of one man’s journey that transformed his life forever.

Sex, Drugs, and a Buddhist Monk

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