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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Resilience Speakers for events | Luke Kennedy


Following on from my past post, I had just finished visiting Queensland as a resilience speakers for schools at Townsville and then flew straight to Sydney.


It's rare that I travel interstate for a single motivational speakers Sydney presentation. I usually book a heap while in different spots,  but the one off this time was worth it.


I was invited to be guest resilience speakers for corporate events at NSW Police Force where I would be a mental health speakers and resilience speaker for superintendents and sergeants.  


After what was a huge couple of weeks as motivational speakers for Primary Schools, Speakers for High Schools, Parent Events, & Resilience Speakers for Corporate events, I arrived in Sydney on the Friday to speak on the Monday. It was a welcoming rest over the weekend where I spent my time catching up with great people and enjoying the relaxed time just eating at my favourite cafes and going to the gym.


Speaking of favourite cafes, one that I love to go to while in Sydney is Blackwood Pantry. I was going to their cafe most days in Cronulla when I was staying there, but now staying out in the eastern suburbs, I was very happy to hear that they expanded their locations to the east.

After chilling out at the hotel on the Friday night, I went to Blackwood early on the Saturday to eat & chill. I love eating and chilling :-)


I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned this before, but I've just started a new training style that I had never hear of. It's called Functional Patterns, and wow, I'm so happy with this new style of training.

In the past, I boxed for many years before wanting to put on more size through weight training. I've been weight training for many years, and also explored the yoga scene for a while. 

After my hip replacement a few years ago, I've been cautious attempting anything new. I can say that this style of training is something I haven't experienced before, but is one I can see myself doing long term.

My coach, Shannon Hegarty, is an absolute legend, and his style of coaching suits me perfectly.  He's direct, knowledgeable, insightful, knows how to get more out of his people, and doesn't mind the occasional laugh. 

For a full understanding of the training, check out Shannon's Insta HERE.

Or their Website 



After training, I went for a feed and walk through Newtown. Growing up round Newtown it's always a good feeling going back there. That good feeling is occasionally interrupted  by a harsh memory from when I was living a pretty chaotic existence 


The Sunday was much of the same, and was nice and rested for the motivational speakers Sydney talk the next day. 


I woke early again on the Monday...



The event was being held down at the headquarters in Balmain (another old stomping ground) 

and arriving at the location, I was pretty excited about the talk.

I walked through the front doors to the building and approached the police officer behind the counter and told him who I was.

After getting buzzed through,  I walked upstairs to the conference room where the audience was waiting.

To be honest, the room felt  pretty intense,  and after giving a hello to those in the room, I set my USB up and was introduced. 

It took a few moments to get through the toughness of the energy, but once I did, I was in my element.


Feeling the connection, I was getting deep with them and could see nodding heads with the occasional laugh. This is what I love! 

The talk went for 90mins and I was ecstatic with how it went. I spoke with a few of them one on one afterwards and got to hear their own stories and insights.  

I was presented with a certificate of thanks and looking down at it, I had a special moment...

How far I have come. I mean, being open, these guys used to be my enemies. Going through my harsh past, you don't speak to police. Now, I'm guest speaker and motivating change and implementing self care practices. As if that isn't a trip!

They were all great people. 

I left the event with a feeling I can only describe as being proud of myself. To hold a room filled with that style of audience after what I've been through Is really something special.

Life is cool! 


Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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