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High School Testimonials

Guest Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, presented to our students from years 8-12.  From start to finish, the students sat intrigued and captivated by what Luke had to say.  The topics of changing your mind-set, bullying, self-bullying, drug-addiction, alcohol and crime were all covered and clearly a hot topic amongst our teenagers.  The presentation had all students and staff engaged and you could almost hear a pin drop.   Some comments made afterwards from our feedback forms included the words “thought-provoking and behaviour-changing, eye-opening and a wake-up call”.  Serious topics but delivered with simple words, a sense of humour and a positive outlook.  Motivational Speakers such as Luke Kennedy should be an inclusion in every school curriculum planning.  Highly recommended!

-  Teacher, Mary Koutros

"Guest Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, had our students from the very first word. You could hear a pin drop in our auditorium! He spoke and answered questions at the end of the session with complete candour. I would highly recommend this remarkable author to speak to teenagers about his harrowing journey out of a life of crime towards healing, redemption and finally, peace." 

-  Teacher, Holy Family,  J. Ghadma.

"Luke S. Kennedy spoke to our Year 6-10 boys and their parents at an Empowering Boys night. From the minute he started each and every one of them was completely captivated with shock and humour by each story.

However, most importantly everyone one of them left that night with a better understanding of who they are and how to handle the challenges life can throw at you." 

-  Teacher, Northern Beaches Christian School

Dear Luke

I write to sincerely thank you for your personal presentation to the year 9 students from across the Tamworth Electorate. Your journey so far, is an incredible one and it was astonishing to watch a large group of year 9 students totally focused, wide eyed with an occasional gasp during your presentation.

They are young and impressionable and you certainly connected with them.

It was powerful, sharp, raw, and thought provoking. It     cut through the white noise of general advice to young people regarding the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and the battles of self esteem.

The feedback has been strong, positive, and I firmly believe life changing in some instances.  Your Facebook responses clearly indicate that your story has had a positive impact.

I thank you again for what you do and I sincerely hope that we can work together again soon. Our young people need you!


Yours sincerely

Kevin Anderson MP

Member for Tamworth

"Motivational Speaker, Luke, spoke to our Year 10 and 11 students, the boys were very receptive of what he recounted. The reality of it all made the students really stop and take time to reflect on the choices they might make and the expectations they need to live up to.

Luke spoke at their level and was ‘on the mark’ in terms of his delivery. As for his book, well, I have never seen so many students who wouldn’t be caught dead with a book in their hands, literally run to my office to grab a copy for themselves!

I would highly recommend Luke to any school."

-  Pastoral Care, St Gregory's Campbeltown, B. Vetrano

"Hi Luke, in 2015 I remember you coming to my school, Blakehurst High for a Motivational talk. The whole day we were getting talk from different motivational speakers about responsible behaviour, all of us kids were sitting listening to these speeches with slouched posture, rolled eyes and crossed arms. Except for when you began to speak, you had a way of knowing how to engage young listeners. The whole room of young 15-16 year olds had sat up, leaned forward and actually wanted to listen to your story. You inspired us all, encouraged us to pursue self-improvement and heighten our self esteem to be the most authentic version of ourselves that we can be. And here I am today, an 18 year old adult, first year of university and I look back remembering how one man had the power to inspire and motivate a group of tired teenagers to wake up and take our lives into our own hands rather than give in and conform to what we think we should be.

Thank you Luke, you're honestly a legend!!!"

-  Student Blakehurst High

"Hey mate you spoke at my school today, it was so good to hear from a person who felt how I feel sometimes. I feel like people are always judging me and I'm scared of what they think. I'm in the middle of reading your book. I don't normally read books but I'm really interested in this book. You have made me think: :Who cares about what other people think of me? Just be me." All afternoon I've been telling Mum and Dad about your speech today. Thanks heaps, you've really touched me!"

 -  Year 9 student, Kogarah Marist

-  Teacher, Corowa Primary

-  Screenshot on Schools FB page

"As a father of two young boys here tonight, I just want to thank you for an unbelievable presentation. I've never seen a motivational speaker connect so well with kids and adults at the same time. I learnt a lot myself. Thank you again, you're an incredible speaker. I wish you all the best."

-  Parent

"Motivational Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, struck a chord with all our boys. His focus on being your true self rather than what others want you be, and doing this through his life story was great."

-  Principal, De La Salle Ashfield

Book Luke S. Kennedy for your next event and he will tailor a presentation for your specific needs.

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