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Time - The illusion

Time... Why does it slow when we don't like what we're doing or when we want it to speed up?

Why does it go so fast when sitting with people we really like... eternity feels like seconds, and you could do it for eternally more.

Time is a mind-made concept... an illusion even.


An illusion...


It's obviously a needed, and beneficial, tool for society to function. But like other great tools, such as the mobile phone, the minds urge for stimulation has resulted in us becoming a slave to the tool, and the detrimental attachment and impact on mental health, has now outweighed the benefits of these tools.. When bored or doing an act we aren't happy doing, the mind stirs and creeps in to meet the mind-made illusion of time. This causes time to solidify. To manifest as something that is real. Thus the painstaking slowness of time.

When chilling with a crush, performing a passion, being guest speaker at an event, or getting creative, the mind takes a back seat, as does the mind-made illusion of time. This is where soul is revealed.

This is where life is.


Free of mind-made angst.


There's no such thing as yesterday, tomorrow, or even a minute from now. They're all a mind-made concept. A concept that causes regret, fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, doubt, and social awkwardness.

We need a clock for our physical beings to function.

We need presence for our souls to thrive.

Physical is fleeting.

Soul is eternal.

Make soul a priority.

I love you all. I love me