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Regression is key to progression | Speaker For Schools & Guest Speaker For Events

I've had to regress (a word, in the past, I wouldn't have been comfortable associating myself with) recently on a journey towards a goal of mine.

As a Youth speakers for schools, guest speaker for corporate events, and reducing stress workshop facilitator, I attempt to lead by example, and continuously progress in my life - spiritually, emotionally, physically, and in anything else I set my mind to.

To regress for me in the past, would've been a bit of a shock to my ego.

Let me explain...

I've heard from many teachers that yoga teaches you a lot about yourself, life, and how to become aligned with both. The last few months exploring through different forms, studios, and teachers, I've found this to be very true.

One of the main findings, is the importance of being and maintaining fluid. Stuff in life (and body) changes. Shit goes wrong. So sometimes you've gotta take a hit to the ego, admit to yourself that you're wrong, and change something. Even if that means taking some steps backwards.

Taking a step back, is often needed in our advancements towards bettering ourselves. People any away from this. All it is though, is a step back for ego. It could be having to be "lonely" for a while to get out of a shitty relationship. It will give your soul time to heal, before finding a beautiful partner. Even if you don't find that partner, you'll be fulfilled through your own love of self.

It could be leaving a stressful job to go back a step and work at a less appealing career (by social standards). Taking that step out of stress and into a job that may not be paying as much, again, it'll give your soul rest to observe, learn, and adjust to what you'd really like out of this life. A step back from ego, to advance in soul.

When becoming youth speakers for schools, and even speaking at big corporate events, I was a beginner, I made some mistakes, and I wanted to get feedback. So, a hit to ego, I asked for some honest feedback, and majority of it was great, however, there was some stuff I needed to improve, or extend on.. i went back and changed some things. If I didn't put myself out there, I wouldn't have known what to change or improve on. And I probably wouldn't haven gotten so quickly to being one of the best youth speakers for schools. I don't say that humbly, because it's something i'm extremely proud of, and I've had to take many steps back (for ego) to then advance.

What I'm getting at though, is something came up recently which really highlights this...

I've wanted to get into a push handstand, which is a pretty advanced move in yoga, and was on a nice steady advancement towards that. Seeing one of the best coaches, I was confident I'd hit it.

Then my shoulder almost popped out due to a past dislocation. I've had to regress from legs over head to now getting a heap of support.

Taking a step back, I met with a physio who has treated Olympic