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Loving Relationships & Peace Of Mind

Before I drop a pretty heavy point, I want you to read two quotes from peeps that I've followed, and who have helped improve my life over the years.. .

"You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time with." - Jim Rohn..

& "We should devote our most serious efforts to bringing about mental peace." - Dalai Lama.

Let that sink in as we speak about a loving relationship. The one person we spend the majority of our time with is a loving partner. Does this person bring you peace of mind? Or when their phone goes off, does your mind wonder with concern? Do you trust them whole heartedly? Or do you get a burning sensation in your gut, and your head tenses, when you know they're lying?

We've all been in relationships where the other person alters (nice way of putting it) our peace of mind.. There may be moments of superficial happiness that brings that release of dopamine.. this can become an addiction to the partner and why we can't let go. Very similar to gambling - the odd "win" here and there to keep you playing. It doesn't matter if there's a person who is stunning on the outside, takes you to the most exotic places, says all the right things, gives you small moments of pure bliss, or gives you the material world... If this person impacts your peace of mind, it's not worth a thing. You need to find a relationship that brings you peace of mind. Trust. Loyalty. Genuine words & smiles. Most importantly, their presence; emotionally, physically, and mentally. It starts with you. It starts with self-respect, and also awareness of what you'd like in life... "...devote our most serious efforts to bringing about mental peace." 🙏 WHO brings you the most peace? Be with them more. ❤ Peace of mind allows your true-self to shine, digging it out from that burying ego, the worries what people think, the negative beliefs about yourself, and the labels you're desperately attempting to live up to. Bringing that true-smiling-self out is where genuine happiness is from, unlimited potential & creativity, connected relationships, and authenticity.

Motivational Speakers for schools, corporations, and guest speaker for events, Luke S. Kennedy, uses his “breathtaking story” to open audience’s eyes, and mind, up to ego – to the labels that we battle to live up to, and also demonstrates through his own thrilling examples, how worrying what other people think is ruining our relationships, following through on ideas, happiness, and success in every area. Becoming aware of ones ego and labels, is the first step towards releasing it.Luke shows how when we come into this world we are a pure spirit with unlimited potential and happiness. As life goes on though we get disconnected from this true-self - Some dramatic events will occur, we may do some regretful actions, or get negative beliefs about ourselves or labelled with certain things that take us away from this true happy-self. The further we get away from the true-self, the unhappier we become because we’re not being ourselves. Labels, ego, and worrying what people think, crushes productivity and results in an overactive and doubtful mind - a feeling of being lost, depressed, anxious, and socially awkward, is a result of this.