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Speaking post lockdown

As guest speakers for schools, it's been a very stop and start few months. With Covid regulations beginning to ease. enquiries to speak at schools and community events have been coming in rapidly.

Those at the top of schools and organisations are realising that the 2020 has resulted in many issues for all, whether it be financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, and even issues with loved ones, everyone has been impacted. With this realisation becoming so obvious, those at the top are thankfully on the front foot to help with the health of those that are in their organisation or students of their schools.

As a mental health speakers for such events, it's been great to get back into it and start connecting & helping those that need it. It's been a little strange at time where students were seated apart, I couldn't get photos with those that were asked, and the bones on my hands are close to being exposed after non stop washes. All this aside, like I said, it's great to be back into it and receiving messages afterwards. The shift into wellness is well underway (don't mind the pun), and I'm thankful as a motivational speakers for schools, I can help lead from the front.

"I've never been able to sit still and concentrate for more than 20 minutes. I just sat through your entire 90 min presentation and learnt so much about myself! Thank you!" - Attendee at community event

I recently visited Sydney as a speaker for schools and also a community event for parents. The parent event was held in Hurstville where I grew up. it was nice to be back in the area, and thankful for Headspace Hurstville & Kogarah Community Services Mental health for putting the event on. The event planners from both organisations were the best to work with! It was professionally planned and leading up to the event is was really nice to communicate with people who had an obvious passion to help the community. A big shout out to Stella Ladikos & Angela Crow (St George & Sutherland Community Mental Health),

It's still interesting times with people getting used to being around a crowd, but we were all grateful for the amount of people that turned out to the event. A heap of my crew of people were there, and seeing some of my boys who have had my back for close to 20 years, was another thing I'm incredibly grateful for. It was a special evening, and the 90 min talk plus questions was received exceptionally well. Feedback forms on the night showed a 100% satisfaction (maybe a few of my boys boosted that), and afterwards I chatted with numerous parents who gave their insight into the talk and what they're going to start implementing into theirs, and their kids, lives.

Since the talk, I've had calls and messages from my old boys who are asking about mediation and specific books I recommend they read.

That right there is what it's all about for me.

November 2020 as a mental health speakers for schools is looking like it's going to be booked out! I'll be cruising around throughout the country, so if you see me around, come and say hi :-)

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