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Motivational Speakers, Trainers, & Life Savers

Motivational Speakers Sydney

Travelling Australia as a motivational speaker, I've had the pleasure to meet, and share thoughts, with some of the most beautiful people in the country. From motivational speakers, Inspirational Authors, Mental Health Advocates, Personal & Group Trainers, and those bringing awareness to, and reducing, suicide. After speaker with each person, there's one thing they all have in common; a deeper self that seems to be guided by something far greater than thought. They're selfless, but are embarrassed when you mention this, often bringing up someone else that's doing great things, just to take the attention of themselves.

The people standing next to me in this photo are a few of those I'm referring to.

Those next to me have literally saved 10's of 1000's of people's lives. And that's being modest.

You Are Your Environment


... That's why I like to get around those that are doing amazing things for not only the physical world, but more importantly, helping the spirits and minds of those that are in need (everyone).

Sam Webb


Standing directly to my left in the photo, is on the front foot and leading his organisation, Livin, to spread awareness for Suicide and the message of It Ain't Weak To Speak. The message is important for everyone, but especially important for Australian Men. Males in Australia feel that they're weak if they're sharing their thought and emotions. Sam's organisation wants to get in our males heads that it's actually showing strength when speaking up about yourself, and it's okay to ask for help. Holding emotions in, just compounds the issue.

Not only is Sam doing great things, but he's a loyal friend and all around cool guy. We recently travelled to Dubbo where we were both guest speakers for a mental health event, and it was refreshing and inspiring to get to know him.

After we spoke at one of the events, he stuck around afterwards to spend time with parents that just lost their son. Top guy.

Jim Owen


Further along is my homeboy Jim Owen from Jorg Fitness. Jim is an absolute legend in our community. This photo was taken at Jim's launch for his new premises where he will be training his team towards their goals. Jim asked Sam to attend because a few months ago Jim organised an event to raise money for Sam's organisation, Livin.

Jim has been there for anyone, and is selfless with his time and always looking for ways to help those around him. His group of friends at his gym adore him! The results for his clients come down to the fact that Jim will do absolutely anything for them. He regularly organises charity events to raise funding for different causes and charities. All you have to do is meet him to know what a beautiful heart he has. True gentleman.

Jade Kennedy