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Observing Life - Judging Often

Being an observer of life, I glance at the ego as it likes to judge, point the finger, and come up with its own conditioned outcome...

As a self-awareness speaker (more commonly known as a motivational speaker), I like to watch human behaviour, and put my perspective and insight on things.

Living in the physical realm at the moment, I've found it tough to not try and fulfill a mind made yearning for answers... I judge often.

We've retracted so far from our limitless spiritual being.

As an audience member, uncomfortably, I sit and watch, shaking my head at the lacklustre hopefuls, playing a key role in the short film of life, manipulating a photo or film on their phones, resulting in an endless Truman show where each participant gets to take a turn as a heartless director...

Everything is planned. Outcomes are altered for a perceived reality. A soulless actor flaunting a false smile, a pretend contenness because at least there's a forced dopamine release.

Manipulating moments of our lives for the entertainment of people we don't even like or know.

What have we done...?

The much needed shift is reaching breaking point. At what cost will the enlightenment of our consciousness come?

Where will you remain?

Observe your mind. Ask yourself questions. A glimpse beyond the physical realm is all that's needed for the advancement of spirit.

A very interesting time for humanity x

P.S. I hope you like or comment on this post because then it'll make me feel like I'm worthy. If you don't, I may read over it and question myself. I'll probably think I should delete it because other people on my phone might think it's not good words written on a screen.

"The best speaker we've had." - Optus Marketing Team.

One of Australia's most sought after Motivational Speakers, Luke S. Kennedy, travels the country as guest speaker for events, primary & high schools, corporations, and even prisons. His style of speaking is raw, deep, and leaves a huge impact on any audience. He uses his "on the edge of your seat" stories to grab the audiences attention, then he dives deep into self-awareness and opens the audience's eyes to their ego, labels, and how worrying what other people think impacts every area of our lives and stops us from reaching our full potential.