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"It was the best workshop we've had. I can actually use what I learnt to improve my life. Thank you."" 

-Teacher, Kubin Grove Primary

"Thank you for yesterday. It was honestly one of the best PD days I've ever attended in my 10 years of being a teacher. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us all and I've taken so many positive notes away" - Teacher after a full day workshop

"Thank you Luke. It was a fantastic session today. I have never before been to a staff PD day where EVERYONE stayed focused and loving it the whole day! Well done to you! Your insights and information come from first hand, which really makes everything so relatable and interesting." 

-Teacher, St Brigid's Emerald

"Best Teachers PD ever. Feeling ready to face tomorrow." 

-Teacher, Catherine Crowley

"It was definitely one of the best PD days I've been to as a teacher, and I've been to a lot! Thank you also for sharing your inspiring story." 

-Teacher, Natalia Racomelara after a Keynote & full day workshop

Luke's edgy and energetic approach gives him the ability to connect with, motivate, enlighten, and entertain an audience. It has resulted in deep lasting change for those he presents to. His unique style in facilitating a workshop has those in attendance stimulated and focused throughout. Whether it's the 90 min, half day, or full day workshop, feedback is overwhelmingly positive!

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Topics Covered

  • Dealing with Change & Uncertainty

  • Low Team Morale

  • Mental Health/Self-Care

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Motivation & Inspiration

  • Resilience

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