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Windaroo Valley High | Luke S. Kennedy | Youth Motivational Speakers Brisbane



Australia's best youth and high school motivational speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, spoke to the high school students of Windaroo Valley state high school, Brisbane.

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and I've loved every second of it.

I was shaken up a little though with my latest trip to Brisbane. I was unaware of the frantic day I had ahead of me...

I was due to arrive into Brisbane at 7am, Brisbane time, to speak to the students of Windaroo Valley State High,before spending the day with them doing workshops and mentoring. I woke up at 4:20am, Sydney time (1 hour ahead of Brisbane) to get to the airport by 5:45 AM.

I like to get to the airport early to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Arriving at Sydney airport I punched in my details at the automatic check in counter. It couldn't find my details and stated to speak to an official. A couple of worries kicked in so I double checked that I had the right dates/times/flights. All was okay so I confidently approached a representative.

"Hi, the computer couldn't find my details. Can you help me out?" I asked.

"Are you going to Brisbane?" She asked as though if I was going to Brisbane she had some bad news.




"Your flight has been cancelled due to technical issues."




I was then asked to wait around to find out when I could get on a replacement flight. I hesitantly messaged Kat, a teacher from the school who I'd been in contact with to organise my visit. I was hesitant because it was still super early in Brisbane.


I sent a message and waited.





Luke S. Kennedy finding out the news his flight was cancelled. This delayed his keynote presentation

As the time ticked by I was working out my estimated time of arrival without even knowing my flight. The travel time was an hour and fifteen minutes. The drive from airport to school was another 40 minutes.


As long as I can get my 50 minute talk in, all is worth it.


An hour passed and the announcement came over for people on our flight to approach the check in counter. I was then informed that my flight wasn't until 12:30 sydney time with an arrival in Brisbane at 12:45 Brisbane time. With the drive I'd make it by 1:30!! School finishes at 2:50.


I received a call from Kat trying to work out a different solution. They were checking other flights. There was a different airline who had a flight at 10 AM. Giving me plenty of time to arrive at the school, speak, and be involved in a couple of workshop activities. I asked to be on standby for the booked out flight, but there was already people who had done so.


Kat and the staff at Windaroo were great! They said they still wanted the visit and although arriving after lunch wasn't the best outcome, it was our only option. They were scrambling around looking for someone to pick me up from the airport, now that it was during school times, it was a little tough. I had been in contact with another speaker, and friend of mine, Paul Stanley, who is a Brisbane local. He offered to pick me up and was excited to see me speaking.


For a few hours at Sydney airport I worked away on my laptop. I was then informed that our flight was running 20 minutes behind!!!!! Arrival to the school was now put back to 1:50. I was panicking a little. Keeping in regular contact with Kat, and also my lift, Paul Stanley.

Finally sitting in my seat on the plane was a little breath of fresh air. I was still cutting it too fine, but the at least it felt like I was progressing




Motivational speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, finally getting on his delayed plane. On his way to speak at a high school in Brisbane.

With the flight finally landing in Brisbane I called Paul who was a few minutes away. Jumping in his car it was game on! The clock was ticking. I'm the type of person who likes to arrive early.


Not this time.


In the car as we drove along, I had to get ready. Putting in my contacts, double checking my presentation slides were in order. Checking slider remote was working. Battery charged on lap top. I was getting messages from Kat asking ETA. Paul informed me we would arrive at 1:48. School finished at 2:50!!


We were driving along before I hear..


"Ahhh shit. You idiot." Coming from Paul.


He took the wrong exit off the highway....


I freaked out a whole lot more.


"It's okay, we can get back on the highway up here. I think."


He didn't do too well at lessening my concerns.. I messaged Kat, giving her our altered ETA.

She said when we arrive, to drive into the main car park and then walk to office.


We finally arrived just before 2pm. I  was frantic as I couldn't find the main office. Inside my head I was frantic, but on n the outside I had to remain cool and professional.

I saw a bunch of students and jogged towards them.

"Are you the speaker?" A female students asked before I opened my mouth.

"Yep, sure am."


"The hall is over there." She said.


I rushed over to the hall and entered just as the students were.

While they were sitting down, I connected my laptop to the projector. My slide came up on the screen telling me that it was good to go. The second I plugged my slider remote into the laptop, I could hear a student introducing me. After waking up in Sydney at 4:15am. Cancelled and delayed flights. A car ride with a wrong turn off...


I made it by two seconds.


The students at Windaroo Valley State High were great! Extremely attentive and asked some deep questions at the end. I got to hang around a bunch of them after the talk and a number of them asked when I was coming back. I later recived the message below which make the trip all worth it!



"Dear Luke, I am one of the year 8 students at windaroo valley high. I would personally like to thank you for your amazing and inspiring speech. You have already made me realise how important it is to be the happy you and ignore the labels. Thank you so much for inspiring me. You are definitely someone to look up to. I am going to buy your book and hope for you to sign it one day. Thanks again. Kind regards Tiffany 8G Windaroo Valley State High School."




"You spoke to my daughter at Windaroo valley high yesterday i wanted to say that you. She can't stop taking about you....she was inspired, impressed, saddened and motivated. Just wanted to say thank you, at 13 they are so concerned of keeping up and fitting in i have always taught her to be strong and independent, to do what was right for her and you have helped to confirm this. Thank you again."


"Hi I'm from Windaroo Valley state high school and I would like to thank you for your time visiting our school and presenting it has really open my eyes towards others and myself thank you once again for taking time out of your busy schedule."

After writing my first book, 'Stabbed Ego', I have been blown away with how my life has turned out. I'm incredibly grateful to now travel Australia as a motivational speaker. It's something I never thought possible. It's something that has made my life excel in ways that I can't even begin to explain. What are some things you would like to achieve? Anything is possible

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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