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- The Daily Telegraph.

Stabbed Ego Luke S. Kennedy best selling kindle

#1 Best Selling Kindle AUS, Self help - Spirituality 

#1 Best Selling Kindle US, Mental Health - Depression 

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Luke S. Kennedy


The book Stabbed Ego is a book read like no other. It captivated me from the first page, and after three days of laughing, crying, hating Luke, and loving Luke, I finished the book with a smile and looking forward to making some changes in my own life. I was depressed and anxious for many years, but this book has now given me hope. I loved it.
- Sarah, Sydney, NSW

"Stabbed Ego is an open, honest and enthralling look into the life of an incredibly inspirational man. Luke S. Kennedy writes in a way that allows you to feel the struggles he had with his mind and his ego."
- Laura, Goodreads.

"You probably hear this from heaps of people, but I would be dead if it wasn't for Stabbed Ego. Every time I go backwards and into the same rut, and going back down the same path I've tried escaping for 12 years, that book is the only thing that makes me feel like there's someone out there that has been in my shoes and overcome everything I struggle to."   
- Nicole, Facebook message

"Stabbed Ego has changed my life. I read it two weeks ago and I look at life completely different. If I didn't read this book i'd still be depressed and anxious. I hated my life. Stabbed Ego has given me hope and has made me smile more than i have in my entire life. The way Luke explains his thoughts really hit home with me. I get it now." 
- Mia, Victoria. 

 "Stabbed Ego is a life changer. It is exciting, scary, enlightening, and funny. I didn't think the life of a young and troubled man would interest me so much. The way Luke S. Kennedy describes his mindset throughout, I feel, is absolutely beautiful writing. Stabbed Ego will go on to change many lives, and help a lot of people dealing with depression. I wish the book didn't end. I wish Luke nothing but the best."
- Samantha, Newcastle.

 "I have almost finished Stabbed Ego and after originally hating to read, I now love it because this book has already completely changed my life, and the way I think about things. I just wanted to say thank you for producing such an inspirational message to people like me. I used to be into drugs, and fighting but I use photography to help my mind. Reading your book made me understand what's really possible in life. Thank you."
- Veronica, Sydney, NSW

"What an amazing journey away from drugs, crime, and violence, and into a beautiful life of helping people. The story with its short chapters had me glued to every single word. I can't stop thinking about how much I want to change in my life now. Stabbed Ego will forever be in my heart. The best book I've ever read."
- Lucy, Sydney

Stabbed Ego, the book that took me on a roller-coaster of emotions and left me feeling motivated and inspired to make changes in my life. One of the changes I have made is to chase my dreams and not let anyone's opinion stand in my way. Another was to read more, tonight I'm starting a new book. I was never into reading but I couldn't put Stabbed Ego down, hopefully the book Brave is the same."
Pip, Facebook

"I've never read a book cover to cover, but Stabbed Ego I couldn't put down! I'm now on my own journey of self discovery and have introduced meditation into my life. I can already feel myself being happier."
- Scott, Hurstville, NSW

"Stabbed Ego was brave, honest and gripping."
- Melissa, Goodreads.

"I just wanted to contact you personally and thank you for writing your book, Stabbed Ego, which I have just finished. The book had a huge influence on me and I am a stronger person for having read it. We obviously all have our weaknesses and I found I could relate to a lot of what you had to say. I learnt from your journey and your approach to improving your life - especially when you spoke about 'being in the moment' when you are tested. I sincerely wish you all the best with your life. Thank you Luke.
- Susan, Sydney.

Stabbed Ego is the first book I've read since i was in school (too long ago). The rawness of this book and exciting stories resulted in an easy read. I can see how this book has reached vast audiences; students, gangsters, addicts, yogis, and people searching for meaning. I laughed, I cried, and i had some massive "ah ha" moments. Luke S. Kennedy is an inspiring young man. I now follow his Facebook videos and laugh along with his giggle. What a young man. Thank you for delivering Stabbed Ego and a life of hope x.
- Margaret C. NSW

Stabbed Ego is the story of a young gangster that it deep in despair. This story is told through the eyes of that same thug, though this time, years later, his an enlightened young man. The insight into this unknown world is told in great detail, the insight into the unfortunately well known world of depression, anxiety, and mental battles is also told and explained in sensational writing. I applaud Luke S. Kennedy for this book that will change many lives.
- Harry B. VIC


Stabbed Ego, Australian books

Excerpts from Sydney Motivational Speakers, Luke S. Kennedy, upcoming book, Silent Ego - A Quest for Silence. This book is the sequel to his #1 Bestseller, Stabbed Ego - A Thug's Journey to Enlightenment.

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