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"They were absolutely gripped by his story and messages. It's created a tremendous shift and I'm so grateful." 

-Jillian Shapiro, School Psychologist | Reddam House Primary 

"We've had overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff, students and parents. I'm so glad we had the opportunity and we know it's had such a positive impact on all of us."." 

- Principal, Boambee Primary

"After almost 20 years in education, Luke is the most inspiring speaker I've heard." 

- Andrew Rixby, Teacher, Cessnock

"You came to my school today and it was the first time I actually listened to one of the motivational speakers and I got so much out of your speech. I have been having a lot of issues at home and I always thought it was going to ruin my life. Your talk showed me that we can do whatever we want in life, and our current lives don't always mean it will always be like that."

- Yr 9 Student, Engadine High

"I just wanted to say thanks for your positive affect on my son. You came and gave a talk to his class. My son came up to you and thanked you for your openness and willingness to share your story and air your demons.

He was moved, almost to tears  he told me - he could see himself drifting down that same pathway, I think he is on a better path now, still not whole nor healed but putting one foot in front of the other.

He now recognises the differences and the possible end results - highlighted by your story - for this I thank you!"

- Parent, Fraser Coast Anglican

Below you will find past events held by Luke S. Kennedy, Australia's Most Requested Motivational Speakers for schools & Mental Health Advocate. His story and messaging continues to inspire a range of audiences from primary schools speaker, speakers for high schools, Staff PD, Parent Events, behavioral students, and kids with special needs.


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Australia's Most Requested Speaker
for Schools

Topics Covered...

  • Resilience​

  • Mental Health/Self-Care

  • Motivation & Inspiration

  • Reducing Fear, Anxiety, and Stress (workshops available)

  • How to Be Yourself & Stop Worrying What people think

  • Bullying (Self-Bullying & Impact of Negative Self Talk)

  • Detaching from Labels & Negative Beliefs

  • Body Image

Motivational Speakers Sydney
Motivational speakers Brisbane_edited.jpg
Motivating speakers Qld & beyond 

I say it a lot, but I absolutely love speaking across this beautiful country of ours! Chatting with students, teachers, parents, and precasting to businesses is honestly out of this world!

Motivational speakers Melbourne
Motivating speakers Victoria

Luke Kennedy's recent trip to Victoria was incredibly special!

Motivational Speakers.jpg
Motivating speaker Luke 
Kennedy  - Longreach QLD

Motivational speakers Luke Kennedy recently visited Longreach to be guest speakers for primary schools, high schools, and parent/community events.

Motivational Speakers Sydney Luke Kennedy
Speakers on Resilience Central Coast tour

Luke S. Kennedy's latest motivational Speakers for highs schools tour was a huge success! 

He was motivational Speakers at Wadalba Central School and Tuggerah Lakes Secondary school

Speakers on Resilience Brisbane tour

The first week back in term four as guest motivational speakers for schools was a big one. It started in Queensland as I was a motivational speakers at Springfield state school. This was an event for years 7 & 8...

Speaker for schools.jpg
Motivational speakers 
- Luke Kennedy Mackay

It’s not often (once a year) I get to speak and connect with students on my birthday so this trip to Mackay was something I was looking forward to - speaking to students and doing my thing on my 38th birthday. 

It was Another successful trip to Mackay as motivational speakers schools and events.

Speakers for schools Luke Kennedy.jpg
Motivational speakers 
- Luke Kennedy Cairns

It’s always pleasant as a motivational speakers to be asked to return to a school or business to speak. It’s proof of a connection made and also gives the chance to deeply connect, build a relationship, and get a strong feel for the culture of the school or business. 

Speakers for schools Luke Kennedy.jpg
Speakers for schools - Hurstville Boys High School

Getting invited back to the same schools as motivational speakers for schools is always special. This time was extra special! I was invited back to Hurstville Boys High school - the school was where I had my first ever speaking event

Resilience Speakers for schools_edited_e
Resilience Speakers for
Schools  - Tasmania

Another fulfilling motivational speakers tour down to Tasmania. I’ve visited Tasmania as a speaker for schools a heap of times, and every time I head down there it’s super special. Special in connection, outcomes, and shared insight.

Resilience speakers Queensland.jpg
Resilience Speakers for
Schools  - Queensland

It’s been a great start to 2023 & I’ve already had the chance to meet and connect with some incredible people. Being a motivational speaker Australia, it’s been a huge 8 years of travel, speaking, mentoring, and hearing the stories of people from all walks of life. 

Resilience Speaker for
Events - Luke Kennedy

Traveling this great country of ours as a motivational speakers for schools & corporate events I've met some of the best people.

This trip as Motivational speakers Melbourne was another beautiful time speaking and connecting with some special people.

Motivational Speaker 
Luek Kennedy

It's been  a while between portfolio posts, and since my last one as resilience speakers for schools & mental health speakers for events, I've spoken across NSW, Victoria, and Queensland.  

Resilience speakers for schools & mental health speakers

I know, I know... I've said it many times that this trip away was something special. I'll say it again... this resilience speakers trip away was out of this world.
Covering three different states, I was speakers for resilience in NSW, motivational speakers for schools in Victoria, and resilience speakers for schools in Queensland.

Resilience speakers for schools
Motivational Speakers, Sydney, QLD, VIC

This trip away as mental health speakers for schools and events was a HUGE one! Filled with strong connection, insight, and beautiful questions. As a resilience speakers for schools I've traveled to some amazing spots across Vic, QLD, NSW, and all through Australia

Resilience speakers Luke S. Kennedy
Resilience Speakers for 
Schools & Events

Another trip down the Sydney for a motivational speakers for kids tour...
I was actually going to be away for two week with a whole heap of schools booked in and spread throughout the two weeks.
Usually when I'm on a speakers for schools tour, it's back to back sessions and no gaps in days.

motivational speakers Luke S. Kennedy.jpg
Motivational Speakers Tasmania, Sydney, QLD

It's been a while since I've visited Tasmania as a motivational speaker. This trip had it all... Teacher sessions, speakers for schools, parent talks, and even...

Motivational speakers for schools Luke S
Resilience speakers for schools Western Aus Tour

This was the third trip to Western Australia as a Motivational speakers for schools tour, and it was extremely successful. As a resilience speaker I've been busy traveling across the country and this trip was...

Motivational speakers for schools
Speakers for schools Sydney & Brisbane

I'm well and truly back into the swing of things with my tours as mental health speakers across Australia.  
I had a quick trip down to Sydney to speak at Arndell college. I was speakers for schools there a couple of years ago...

Speakers for schools
Zoom Sessions

"As a guest speaker for schools, like everybody else, I've had to adapt things to make it work during these times. Thankfully the Zoom sessions for my mental health speakers for schools presentations have been working extremely well, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive

Speaker For Schools | Terrigal High School | Luke Kennedy

Australia's speaker for schools, Luke Kennedy, recently visited Terrigal High school where he spoke to the students about mental health, resilience speakers, self-awareness, and how to be your true self. The students of Terrigal high school were enthralled with Luke's story and messaging and after the talk he was told that.... 

Motivational Speakers for Schools | NSW Kempsey | Mental Health Speakers

Australia's speaker for schools, Luke S. Kennedy, had his first day back after the Covid shutdowns. Speaking & connecting with students during this time is crucial, and the feedback from all involved shows Luke's visit couldn't have come at a better time. With speaker for schools sessions booked in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, South Australia, and plenty of other spots across Australia, Luke is excited to reach those students that are in need of inspiration, resilience advice, mental health and wellness, and how to reduce stress and anxiety. Luke's talks have proven to help in all these areas...

Mental Health Speakers for Youth | Induna Speaker for juvenile Justice

I love being guest mental health speakers for any audience, though this one was really special. I was asked to be motivational speakers for juvenile justice centre, Induna, and it was something I'll never forget. The connection and impact made was....

Motivational Speakers for Schools | Oatley | Mental Health Speakers

The year 2020 has kicked off, and it's been busy times already as motivational speakers for schools Australia. I have already been guest speakers Sydney, Melbourne, and throughout Queensland. Recently I travelled to Sydney to speak at Oatley Seniors Campus. Being a mental health speakers, I've had the privilege...

Motivational speakers for schools | Queensland | Luke S. Kennedy

I've had the privilege to be motivational speakers for schools Queensland, Melbourne, youth speakers Sydney, and throughout Australia. I enjoy speaking in the big cities, but what I really love is travelling to the smaller towns, and connecting into the supportive culture at each spot.

The smaller spots are filled with character and characters :-)

Heading to speak at Holy Name Catholic School, Toowoomba, I was excited to be guest speaker for kids, reducing teacher stress workshop facilitator, and parent mental health speaker event. 

Motivational Speakers for schools | Sydney | Mental Health Advocate

If you've read my previous blogs or portfolio posts, you'd know as a motivational speakers for schools and mental health speakers events, I usually have to travel pretty far, either by plane, car, or both. This time, being guest speakers for kids at Boambee Public school, it was only a short 3 and a half hour drive. I know 3 and a half hours seems big, and in the past, I'd think the same. However, I've been having some monumental tours with tens of hours of driving for each, so this trip was easy done.

Mental Health Speakers | Sydney | Luke S. Kennedy

Organising this motivational speakers for schools visit was different to most. When I'm mental health speakers for events or schools, I'm usually liaising with an adult. This would be an event planner, principal, or a representative from an organisation. This time at Xavier College, Liandilo, I was happily surprised to be chatting with a students to organise my visit. The year 11 students of Xavier had won...

Motivational Speakers for Schools | Youth Speakers Melbourne

I've had some big youth speaker tours, though I think this was the biggest. It went for two weeks and covered over nearly 60 hours of driving. I was motivational speakers for schools Melbourne, Albury, Sydney, Newcastle, Irymple, and a lot of other spots. Click the View Event and read all about it!

Luke S. Kennedy is Australia's most requested youth speakers, reducing stress and anxiety workshop facilitator, and author of the best selling book, Stabbed Ego.

Emerald Educators' Conference | Motivational Speakers for Schools

That was a mammoth day and a half in Emerald! Being guest speakers for events across Australia, I'm incredibly grateful for the amazing people I've got to connect with. This trip was no different, and after being guest speakers for over 500 teachers, and then holding reducing stress workshops, I then spoke with the students and parents of the beautiful community of Emerald...

Motivational Speakers for schools | Port Macquarie & Tamworth

I recently spent a few days in Port Macuaire & Tamworth as guest motivational speakers for high schools, and parent mental health events. The impact created in both communities was massive, and getting beautiful messages from students, organisers, and teachers, has been heartwarming. The mental health focus at the moment is needed, and it's great to hear about the positive shifts that are underway.

Motivational Speakers For Kids | Youth Speakers Tour NSW

It was a short motivational speakers for kids tour of NSW, but it left a lasting impression on all involved. Motivational Speaker, Luke Kennedy, travelled across Sydney, and throughout NSW. Luke Kennedy was guest speaker at Primary Schools, Speakers for High Schools, teacher stress workshops, and parent mental health evenings

Motivational Speakers for Schools | Melbourne Youth Speaker Tour

Another big Motivational speakers for youth tour of Melbourne. This week was a big one, where I got to be guest youth speakers at Primary schools, teacher stress workshop facilitator, and also what's becoming one of my favourite guest speakers talks, the sessions with the parents. I traveled all over Melbourne for this one, and reached a beautiful spot in Mornington. Read on, and let me know what you think!

Motivational Speakers for High Schools | Blakehurst High

Every year I'm invited back to Blakehurst High School! This year as guest speakers for schools, I was asked to focus on bullying. There was a couple of issues pop up, and I knew my presentation could help. As a youth speaker, I love nothing more than receiving deep messages from students, and this was no different... 

Speakers for Youth | Cleveland Youth Detention Centre

Okay... I know I've had some big moments, and impacted different people all over the country as a youth speakers for schools and corporate motivational speaker, however, my latest guest speakers event at Cleveland Youth Detention Centre, North Queensland, was something I'll never forget.

Motivational Speakers for Schools | NSW Schools Tour

Traveling the country weekly, I feel blessed to be guest speakers for schools, motivational speaker for corporate events, and reducing stress workshop facilitator. As well as this, I hold regular parent and community events, and the impact made at each has been out of this world. I love connecting and opening the mind of the audiences.

"That was easily the best talk I've been to" - Parent.

Youth Speakers Tour | Speakers For Schools | Victoria

Now that was a successful tour of Victoria! I've had youth speakers tours in Victoria before, and every time they're really something special, and I've got some beautiful memories from them.


This one was right up there! It's interesting that when I'm putting the word out for my motivational speakers for schools tours, a lot of the enquiries come from primary schools. I love that I can be a speaker for primary schools and make a lasting impact on the fresh young minds. 

Mental Healh Speakers | Luke S. Kennedy | Sydney Guest Speaker

Australia's most sought after youth speakers, Luke S. Kennedy. presented to Kincumber High School. As a guest speaker, Luke loves nothing more than impacting, and changing the mind, of our youth. Kincumber high school was no different, feedback from parents....

Speakers For Schools | Dee Why | Guest Speaker

Being a guest motivational speaker for events, and schools, I've got to speak, and meet, a large range of different people. A demographic I'm extremely passionate about helping, are those that are going through a tough time, or have fallen of the rails, or been getting into some trouble. The reason i like speaking with this bunch, is I relate well and create a strong, and lasting, impact...

It doesn't matter the demographic though, because all suffer from the same internal battles...

Mackay Queensland | Guest Speakers for Schools

Australia's best guest speakers for schools, and author of Stabbed Ego, Luke S. Kennedy, recently spoke at Mackay & The Whitsunday's. He was motivational speaker at schools, parent mental health evenings, and teacher stress workshops.

The entire trip was a massive success!

SVPC - Darwin | Guest Speakers For Schools

Guest Speakers For Schools, Luke S. Kennedy, was recently keynote speaker at the Student Voice Positive Choice (SVPC) Inaugural Youth Summit in Darwin. The day was filled with workshops, and ended with over 100 students from different schools throughout Darwin, all eager to make positive change throughout their communities.  

Bullying - Upstander not a Bystander | Luke S. Kennedy | Motivational Speakers Sydney

Sydney Motivational Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, was keynote speaker at the event; Bullying - Be an Upstander not a Bystander, at Northern Beaches Christian School, Sydney...

Regents Park Primary School Speaker | Luke S. Kennedy | Speaker

Primary & High School Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, recently visited Regents Park Primary School. The impact Luke made on the students inspiring. His story and message of bullying prevention (self-bullying), resilience, and self-care, hit home with the children as well as teachers... 

Karningul Behavioural School Speaker | Youth Speakers | Sydney

Motivational Speakers for primary schools and Anti-Bullying Advocate, Luke S. Kennedy, recently spoke at Karningul Behavioral School (yr 5-8). Luke's focus was on resilience, Bullying Prevention (self-bullying & self-care), and how worrying what other people think can seriously effect our lives.

Chifley College | Speakers For High Schools | Youth Motivational Speakers Sydney

I was recently invited to be guest youth motivational speaker for High School, Mount Druitt. It was at Chiffley college Senior Campus. After speaking with organisers for the event I was confident that my talk would impact their students. As an anti-bullying speaker I have a different angle on things. I also speak about drug and alcohol, and resilience. I do this through my own experience. My ‘cool’ stories gets the students glued to my talk and my messaging helps them to better understand.. 

Manly - Royal Far West | Luke S. Kennedy | Motivational Speaker Sydney

Top impact Motivational Speakers Sydney, Luke S. Kennedy, visited Manly to speak to the youth of Wellington High. There were numerous Australian Motivational Speakers there help.  Luke's topics for his talk was on Anti-bullying, Drugs & Alcohol, and Youth Self-care. Being a Sydney motivational speaker, Luke uses his inspiring story to help audiences look within to get lasting change.

ICE Forum Tamworth | Luke S. Kennedy | Motivational Speakers

​Sydney Motivational Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, presented at the ICE - Raising Awareness in Tamworth...


Wellington | Luke S. Kennedy | Sydney Motivational Speaker

Wellington | Sydney Motivational Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy.

A few weeks after speaking at The Aboriginal Men's Health Expo is Dubbo, I was contacted by..


St Gregory's College, Campbelltown | Luke S. Kennedy | Motivational Speakers Sydney

St Gregory's College Campbelltown. I was the first speaker to have had the privilege to speak in the college's new auditorium. When arriving, I was blown away...


St Ignatius' College | Luke S. Kennedy | Motivational Speakers Sydney

St Ignatius' College Riverview.  Now this place was unbelievable. Leading up to the talk I was chatting with the organiser and...


Blakehurst High | Luke S. Kennedy | Motivational Speakers Sydney

Speaking at Blakehurst high school, Sydney. What an experience this was! Blakehurst is my old high school....


Windaroo Valley State High School | Luke S. Kennedy | Motivational Speakers Brisbane

Sydney Speaker presenting at Windaroo Valley State High School. This talk was extra special...


Second talk at St Gregory's College Campbelltown | Luke S. Kennedy | Sydney Speaker

This was the second time I have spoken at St Greg's. Being asked to return to speak at an event is a nice feeling. It's proof of the impact made on the first occasion...



Moranbah High | Luke S. Kennedy | Inspirational Speakers Brisbane

In 2015 I was asked to speak at Moranbah High, Queensland, after a large increase in youth suicide in the small community...

My first speaking event was at Hurstville Boys High in October 2014.



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