Luke S. Kennedy | Motivational Speakers Sydney | Mental Health Advocate 
Author of 'Stabbed Ego' which was Best-seller in two categories; Mental Health - Depression & Spiritual - Self-Help



Meet Luke S. Kennedy, Sydney's best Motivational Speakers for school. His story and messaging continues to inspire a range of audiences from primary schools, high schools,  behavioral students, and kids with special needs.

Topics I cover...

  • Resilience Speaker​

  • Anti-Bullying (Self-Bullying) Motivational Speaker For Schools

  • Mental Health/Self-Care

  • How to be yourself & stop worrying what people think

  • Drug & Alcohol Speaker

  • Transformation/Transitioning

  • Gain Confidence/Reduce Stress

  • How To Be Happy

Motivational Speakers for Schools | Oatley | Mental Health Speakers

The year 2020 has kicked off, and it's been busy times already as motivational speakers for schools Australia. I have already been guest speakers Sydney, Melbourne, and throughout Queensland. Recently I travelled to Sydney to speak at Oatley Seniors Campus. Being a mental health speakers, I've had the privilege...

Motivational speakers for schools | Queensland | Luke S. Kennedy

I've had the privilege to be motivational speakers for schools Queensland, Melbourne, youth speakers Sydney, and throughout Australia. I enjoy speaking in the big cities, but what I really love is travelling to the smaller towns, and connecting into the supportive culture at each spot.

The smaller spots are filled with character and characters :-)

Heading to speak at Holy Name Catholic School, Toowoomba, I was excited to be guest speaker for kids, reducing teacher stress workshop facilitator, and parent mental health speaker event. 

Motivational Speakers for schools | Sydney | Mental Health Advocate

If you've read my previous blogs or portfolio posts, you'd know as a motivational speakers for schools and mental health speakers events, I usually have to travel pretty far, either by plane, car, or both. This time, being guest speakers for kids at Boambee Public school, it was only a short 3 and a half hour drive. I know 3 and a half hours seems big, and in the past, I'd think the same. However, I've been having some monumental tours with tens of hours of driving for each, so this trip was easy done.

Mental Health Speakers | Sydney | Luke S. Kennedy

Organising this motivational speakers for schools visit was different to most. When I'm mental health speakers for events or schools, I'm usually liaising with an adult. This would be an event planner, principal, or a representative from an organisation. This time at Xavier College, Liandilo, I was happily surprised to be chatting with a students to organise my visit. The year 11 students of Xavier had won...

Motivational Speakers for Schools | Youth Speakers Melbourne

I've had some big youth speaker tours, though I think this was the biggest. It went for two weeks and covered over nearly 60 hours of driving. I was motivational speakers for schools Melbourne, Albury, Sydney, Newcastle, Irymple, and a lot of other spots. Click the View Event and read all about it!

Luke S. Kennedy is Australia's most requested youth speakers, reducing stress and anxiety workshop facilitator, and author of the best selling book, Stabbed Ego.

Emerald Educators' Conference | Motivational Speakers for Schools

That was a mammoth day and a half in Emerald! Being guest speakers for events across Australia, I'm incredibly grateful for the amazing people I've got to connect with. This trip was no different, and after being guest speakers for over 500 teachers, and then holding reducing stress workshops, I then spoke with the students and parents of the beautiful community of Emerald...

Motivational Speakers for schools | Port Macquarie & Tamworth

I recently spent a few days in Port Macuaire & Tamworth as guest motivational speakers for high schools, and parent mental health events. The impact created in both communities was massive, and getting beautiful messages from students, organisers, and teachers, has been heartwarming. The mental health focus at the moment is needed, and it's great to hear about the positive shifts that are underway.

Motivational Speakers For Kids | Youth Speakers Tour NSW

It was a short motivational speakers for kids tour of NSW, but it left a lasting impression on all involved. Motivational Speaker, Luke Kennedy, travelled across Sydney, and throughout NSW. Luke Kennedy was guest speaker at Primary Schools, Speakers for High Schools, teacher stress workshops, and parent mental health evenings

Motivational Speakers for Schools | Melbourne Youth Speaker Tour

Another big Motivational speakers for youth tour of Melbourne. This week was a big one, where I got to be guest youth speakers at Primary schools, teacher stress workshop facilitator, and also what's becoming one of my favourite guest speakers talks, the sessions with the parents. I traveled all over Melbourne for this one, and reached a beautiful spot in Mornington. Read on, and let me know what you think!

Motivational Speakers for High Schools | Blakehurst High

Every year I'm invited back to Blakehurst High School! This year as guest speakers for schools, I was asked to focus on bullying. There was a couple of issues pop up, and I knew my presentation could help. As a youth speaker, I love nothing more than receiving deep messages from students, and this was no different... 

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