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Resilience speakers for high schools

"After almost 20 years in education, Luke is the most inspiring speaker I've heard." 

- Andrew Rixby, Teacher, Cessnock

"You came to my school today and it was the first time I actually listened to one of the motivational speakers and I got so much out of your speech. I have been having a lot of issues at home and I always thought it was going to ruin my life. Your talk showed me that we can do whatever we want in life, and our current lives don't always mean it will always be like that."

- Yr 9 Student, Engadine High

"I just wanted to say thanks for your positive affect on my son. You came and gave a talk to his class. My son came up to you and thanked you for your openness and willingness to share your story and air your demons.

He was moved, almost to tears  he told me - he could see himself drifting down that same pathway, I think he is on a better path now, still not whole nor healed but putting one foot in front of the other.

He now recognises the differences and the possible end results - highlighted by your story - for this I thank you!"

- Parent, Fraser Coast Anglican

Topics Covered...

  • Resilience

  • Dealing with Change & Uncertainty

  • Mental Health/Self-Care

  • Motivation & Inspiration

  • Reducing Fear, Anxiety, and Stress (workshops available)

  • How to Be Yourself & Stop Worrying What people think

  • Bullying (Self-Bullying & Impact of Negative Self Talk)

  • Detaching from Labels & Negative Beliefs

  • Body Image

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"Hi Luke, in 2015 I remember you coming to my school, Blakehurst High for a Motivational talk. The whole day we were getting talk from different motivational speakers about responsible behaviour, all of us kids were sitting listening to these speeches with slouched posture, rolled eyes and crossed arms.

Except for when you began to speak, you had a way of knowing how to engage young listeners. The whole room of young 15-16 year olds had sat up, leaned forward and actually wanted to listen to your story. You inspired us all, encouraged us to pursue self-improvement and heighten our self esteem to be the most authentic version of ourselves that we can be. And here I am today, an 18 year old adult, first year of university and I look back remembering how one man had the power to inspire and motivate a group of tired teenagers to wake up and take our lives into our own hands rather than give in and conform to what we think we should be. Thank you Luke!"

- Student from Blakehurst High


Luke S. Kennedy

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