Youth Speakers for Primary Schools 


Speakers for Schools, Luke S. Kennedy, has impacted Primary Schools, High Schools, Teacher Stress Workshops, and Parent Talks all across Australia.

Topics Covered

  • Mental Health - Self-Care

  • Resilience 

  • Bullying (Self-Bullying & Negative self talk)

  • How to be yourself and stop worrying what people think

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

- Parent, Beckenham Primary

"You were guest speaker today at my sons school, Beckenham Primary.  I just picked him up and it's obvious you made a real impression on him. He said it gave him a whole new perspective.

Thank you."

- Principal, Wembley Primary, WA

"The impact you had on our year 4-6 was significant. They are still talking about it and we have seen a marked difference in the students being more ‘present’, particularly around adults.

I'd be very keen to get you back for a teacher and parent session if possible – either August or if you return later in the year.

Luke receives messages daily from parents and teachers, they tell him about the huge improvements they've seen in the kids confidence and mental health since his visit.

His angle on bullying is different from most. Sure, he briefly discusses the different forms of bullying, but his main focus for the talk is to work on the student's confidence, resilience, mental health, and motivation.


Through fun, engaging, and in moments a little sad (he PG's his stories for primary) story-telling, Luke speaks about self-bullying, and negative self-talk, being the main cause of bullying, & self-doubt. This results in social awkwardness, anxiety, and unhappiness. He helps the students to stop worrying about what people think, become resilient, be themselves, and focus on happiness.


As well as being guest speaker for the students, Luke also hold Teacher Stress Workshops, and Parent Talks. The parent evening, and teachers stress workshop is something that works extremely well, as not only are we all on the same page with language and topics after the talks, but it provides the parents, and teachers, with knowledge to help their own mental health and mindset with connecting to their kids.

"While our children in Beechworth have fairly sheltered lives there were many great messages for our children. I had very good feedback from the parents.  I only wish I had of opened up the parent evening to the wider community.  An excellent true and raw account of a life changed for the better with positive self talk."

- Katherine Hancock, Teacher, Beechworth Primary

"Hi Luke, I go to Blaxland East and I would like to tell you my story. I have very bad anxiety and I always feel down on  myself. I'm always sad and I don't want to go to school but when I heard your story I thought and I realised that you got through it so I can too. You really inspired me. Thanks and good luck in your gym and I hope you help other kids by telling them your story."

-  Yr 5 Student, Blaxland Primary

Traveling the country as one of the most requested youth speakers for school, has allowed Luke to meet, and share the stage with some of Australia's best speakers. Some of these speakers are;

Kath Koschell from the Kindness factory 

Sam Webb from Livin 

Matthew Johnstone

Kathy Kelly who lost her son to a one punch in Kings cross

Joe Williams

John McGgrath

Naomi Simson 

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Students from Warrnambool Primary

"Today the yr 5's & 6's experienced a life-changing speech that will improve how we will treat others and ourselves. We found it very inspirational and we now feel like we can be whoever we aspire to be if we put our minds to it. Luke told us to be grateful for our life and make the most of it. This was a really good way to look brightly into our future. Luke had told us about his childhood of being negative and a bully towards himself. He also gave us tips to make our future positive, peaceful, and live our life to the fullest.

We learnt about meditation, reading books as well as how technology can impact our mental health"

Luke S. Kennedy | Motivational Speakers Sydney | Mental Health Advocate 
Author of 'Stabbed Ego' which was Best-seller in two categories; Mental Health - Depression & Spiritual - Self-Help