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Mental Health Speakers for Schools| Oatley | Motivational Speakers

"That was next level man. The changes I'm going to start making now have got me pumped! Thanks bro" - Student 


So 2020 is well underway and my second motivational speakers for schools talk for the year was for the year 11 students at Oatley seniors campus.


I spoke at Oatley last year to the year 11 students, and the day was a huge success! Having the opportunity to return to a school as mental health speakers for youth is encouraging, because it allows me to get a strong connection with teachers and organisers which allows us to all be on the same page, and it's nice for me as it gives me confidence knowing what I'm delivering is valuable for the students.


I flew into Sydney from Gold coast on the Wednesday. The last few years as mental health speakers for schools, I've traveled a lot. This trip was extra special as I would also be in Sydney to celebrate my best friends (also my ex wife) birthday. I was also seeing a guy about getting a van converted to live in and travel for my speaking. I'm always on planes, getting hire cars, accommodation, and ubers, so going vanlife will put all of it together for me. I'll also have my kitchen with all my food which will be perfecto when on the road.


Arriving in Sydney early on Wednesday morning (My guest speakers for schools talk was on The Friday) I jumped in my hire car and headed across the harbour bridge to Manly. The van converting company Van Go is located in Manly so I headed straught there. I met with the owner who was a great guy and knew his stuff. We chatted for over an hour and discusses what outline and needs for my van. Everything looked and felt perfecto, so I knew this is the guy I was going with. It's great when making a big decision, that the people you're getting to help out, has your complete trust. Mark from Van Go is definitely one of those peeps.

Super pumped to get the van going! It'll simplify every area of my life which I love.


Leaving Manly, I traveled back across the harbour bridge to Oatley. Having the Thursday off allowed me to catch up with some close friends, and I excitedly for to show them photos of my van..


Over the Xmas break I had about 6 weeks off from  beong motivational speakers for kids, so now being back in the swing of things, it felt great.


Friday morning I woke early for yoga and then breakfast with a coffee. 

Getting ready for my talk, I had a short drive to Oatley. I grabbed a box of my book, Stabbed Ego (GRAB YOURS HERE), my clicker for presentation, and also my USB for all my slides.

I arrived at the school and had a message from a young man who I have been in contact with since I spoke there last year.


I've been off social media for about 6 months, however I reactivated my Insta account to promote a charity event I'll be speaking at (details soon!). Being back on Insta has been an interesting process to observe, but also nice to be in touch with some incredible people I haven't spoken with over the 6 months. 


This young man I'm speaking about has been on an incredible journey himself. I first met him early last year when he walked into my gym to introduce himself. He told me that he lost about 30 kilos after hearing me speak at his school and he wanted to thank me. He was also looking for advice to get into boxing. 


Since then he has gotten into his boxing, won his first 3 fights, and as luck would have it, I got to speak to him again after he changed schools. 


I was heading back to his school again to speak with a different year, but he told me he'd still come find me to say hi. 

I was looking forward to that :-)


I almost forgot! I actually met a mate of mine before the talk, who is also a speaker himself. He wanted to catch up and I invited him to come along. Nathan Meola is another strong man who is making big changes, so I was pumped to have him come and watch me as mental health speakers for schools. Having someone like him along who is deep into his own development is rewarding as he will no doubt give me some honest feedback.


Arriving at the school, I was already soaking wet with sweat, so couldn't wait to get into the aircon! I met with organiser of my visit, a beautiful teacher named Alex, and was then escorted into the auditorium.


I set up my slides, placed some books on the stage, and also placed my phone near the seats to record my talk. I don't have too much footage of my talks, so I think after 5 or so years, it's about time I got some.  


Nathan is a beautiful man who sat up the back with a big bright smile on his face and eagerly waited fir my talk to start. 

The students came rolling in, amd i like to close my eyes for a while and soak up the moment and energy. I feel complete gratitude every time, and I'm so honoured to be a motivational speakers for youth. 


The students were all seated and away I went. 

Often when speaking, I have to alter my deepness of content or even the tone of my voice.

I pick up on the audiences energy, and change it up according to our connection.

I felt I had to dive deep with a strong tone during my recent talk at Oatley Campus.

There was some tears and big hugs with some of the students afterwards.

I spoke with a young lady who told me she had also seen me speak before abd had changed a lot in hwr life and,n and after hearing me speak again, it was another lush forward. She even spoke to me about manifestation, energy, and visualising!!! That's what it's all about right there  :-) 


As I was waiting for my second talk, I looked up and after seeing who entered the hall, I had a bright smile across my face. My homie, Mikey, confidently walked into the hall and came up to shake my hand and give me a bro hug. We chatted for a while, got a strong photo together, and then he thanked me again before leaving.


My next talk was just as strong and not a single set of eyes lost me during the 70 or so minutes. 


After my talks, I'm usually completely spent. During my talk, question time, and private chats with some of the students, I'm completely present and give every bit of my energy and emotion. So after my talks, I like to go to a spot to eat alone and reflect on the successful day.


Second guest speakers for schools event in 2020 was a huge suaccess! 

I've got a big year of talks already all scheduled in, so it's always nice to start the year on a high.


Luke S. Kennedy is Australia's Most requested guest Speakers for schools, corporate motivational speakers, teacher and student stress and anxiety workshops facilitator, and author of Stabbed Ego (GRAB YOURS HERE) 

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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