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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Motivational Speaker | Luke Kennedy

"Those students have never been so attentive in anything! 
I was watching them closely and it connected so strongly with them. Thank you." - Teacher

It's been a while between portfolio posts, and since my last one as resilience speakers for schools & mental health speakers for events, I've spoken across NSW, Victoria, and Queensland.  


The first stop was in at Canterbury Leagues club where I was motivational speakers at a teacher's conference. I held my keynote session and then 2 workshops for smaller groups.

The day was super special and afterwards I received some deep messages from some if the teachers who told me how much they got out of the event.


It's rare that I have back to back full days with teachers, but after leaving Canterbury I drove to NSW's central coast for another full day of speakers on resilience talks and teacher self-care workshops.

After the big day at Canterbury & then a couple hours drive north, I slept deeply for another big day.  

The day on the central coast was just as special, and I got to meet some amazing  people & hear their stories. Some of the stories I get to hear, once people are confident enough to open up, gets me deep. 

For these people to be in the roles they are where they're dedicated to helping others, is something that deserves more recognition.


I had to drive back to Sydney before a long drive home because I was picking up my brand new car. I bought a new hybrid Toyota. I do so much driving so the hybrid was a no brainer :-) I Love it!

The long drive home in my new car was perfecto! 


Arriving at home, I had a few days rest which was nice to lean into. I adore being on the road as mental health speakers across this country of ours, and I also enjoy being at home to recharge.


I got to take my beautiful new car for another long drive when I was speakers for schools at Wawrick. i held 3 talks that day, one for Yrs 7-8, a mental health speakers talk for the students of Yrs 9-10, and then a motivational speakers for students of Yrs 11-12.

What a superb day at a super supportive school.

The staff and students we kind, energetic, open minded, inspiring, and asked questions. Can't ask for more than that!


Returning home, I had another couple days chilled time before, yet again, another long drive in my new car. I was travelling to Moree to hold a resilience speakers talk for high schools students at a Careers day.

Looking back at all these talks, I'm extremely happy with them all and reflecting on the people and connections really put a huge smile on my face.

Moree was a solid connection and I held the talk in front of students, teachers, and business owners/career advisors who had stalls for the students to visit to get them thinking about theor careers. I started the day off to give them some encouragement and motivation for the day.  Feedback was sensational and I've already been invited to come back. Love that!


Okay... another few more days rest before... you got it, another huge drive! 

I was driving down to Sydney with my parents, staying the night at my brothers to spend time with the family, before, you wait for it.... another big drive!

I was driving down to Rochester High school in Victoria to be motivational speakers for schools. It was for the whole school & I'd rarely go interstate for a single talk but what else am I going to do? I love speaking to students (anyone really).


It was worth it (always is) because the talk connected strongly with some deep and introspective students. One of my favourite parts about speaking (there's many) are the messages receive afterwards.  So cool!


The drive back gave me my own introspective time & I smiled and felt incredibly grateful for all of it.


Arriving back at my Airbnb in Cronulla I chilled for a couple days and caught up with some friends.

I had a short drive (finally!) to my talk in Engadine where i was motivational speakers at St John's  for the Year 7 students.  I know I keep saying it, but the talk went fantastically (need to find new words) well!

And I get to go back there to speak with Yr 10  in a few weeks.


The last event for this tour away was for another principal's conference! This time it was a long drive to Coonabarabran where I was holding my motivational speakers keynote & then a workshop.


Guess what happened??. It went GREAT! haha. 

Love it & the opportunity to connect with principals in a close setting brought the best out of all of us. One of the principal's said that she spoke to all of the attendees and they all said it was exactly what they needed.


Bless x

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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