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Youth Speakers Melbourne Tour| Motivational Speakers for Youth | Luke S. Kennedy


And again... another hugely successful motivational speakers for schools Melbourne tour. I had a full week booked!



Youth speakers for schools Melbourne at Sunshine Christian School for one session for yrs 3-6



Motivational speakers for schools Melbourne at St. Macartan's Primary School, in Mornington. Here I'd have a talk with  yrs 4-6, then a parent talk in the evening.



I actually had a late cancellation  from another primary school. As guest speakers for schools, this is the first time I had a late cancellation.



I was primary school motivational speakers at St. Paul's Primary School. I was speaking to 2 groups, Yrs 3-4 & 5-6.



Friday's speakers for youth talks was a huge one planned! In the morning it was a parent talk, then two sessions with the students, years 5-6, 3-4, and then finishing up with a teacher stress workshop.

After being guest speakers for schools in Sydney last week, I flew into Melbourne on Sunday morning for the big week ahead. I always like to check in to my Airbnb before grabbing some food and hitting the gym. The gym frees my mind and body up after travelling in car and plane.


I went to my favourite vegan spot in Melbourne, The Vegan Shack, Richmond, before hitting the gym for a leg session. After having a good stretch I grabbed my weekly supplies from the supermarket. My weekly supplies consist of...

Soup (freezing in Melbourne)

Filtered water

Coconut water


coconut oil

Vegan chocolate

Heaps of bananas

and just some other odds and ends.


I need to get some good sugary foods like fruit, juices, and coconut water for when I'm Speaking, due to low blood pressure and hypoglycemia I can feel like I'm going to faint. I have fainted a bit in the past (not while being speaker for schools) because I haven't prepared my food properly. While I'm Speaking I get really passionate and can hit light handedness. The sugary foods and juices after each talk helps with my sugar levels.


After getting my supplies, I headed back to my little studio spot in Toorak. It's a beautiful suburb and I like a nice little humbling studio. The place I stayed at was perfect. I'm a simple character, and the simplicity of this place was perfecto.


I chilled out and settled in before going to sleep for what was a big week ahead.

The next morning I did some yoga in my room before going to the Vegan Shack (again) and had their big brekky. Best start to the day. 

After brekky, I drove to Sunshine and on the way there I called my dad and told him where I was heading. He laughed and then reminded me that about 10 years ago I fought (boxing) in Sunshine. It was a nice little reminder.

People in Sunshine do it a bit tough (like my upbringing) so I couldn't wait to get there and speak to their youth and help out. It's what its all about for me. Speaking and inspiring those that are in need.
I'm incredibly grateful to be in my position to always help our youth. It's bliss to be able to do it every week.

Entering the primary school, I met with organiser, and principal, Damian Pietsch, and was excited to get into it after chatting to him about his students and community. What a great guy!

In walked the yrs 3-6 students, and for the next 90 minutes, I got deep with the kids, and had plenty of laughs afterwards. The teachers and principal thanked me wholeheartedly afterwards, and they, as well as myself, was blown away by the students insight from my talk. As a speakers for kids, I'm often asked if kids in yr 3 are too young.. I don't believe so, and after my talks, the teachers and parents agree.

After my talk, I went back to The Vegan Shack (I know!) and chilled out while eating lunch. I like to reflect on the speakers for schools talk once it's done, and I smile as I remember some of the deep, and also funny questions from the little ones.

After the gym again, I cruised home to Toorak Melbourne to do some writing and chilling.

The next morning, I got to chill out a bit before breakfast, at you guess it, The Vegan Shack!
Driving to Mornington to be speaker for St Macartin's Primary school, took about an hour, and when I arrived; I was greeted by a beautiful soul, yr 5 teacher, Nicole Black.
Her bubbly and beautiful energy was infectious, and she gave me a good run down on some of the issues the students were facing and what she'd like me to focus on during my talk. Being a motivational speaker for schools, I often have to focus on a specific issue or angle during my talks, so it's never an issue for me.
Easy done!

Walking into their hall, I was super impressed by the facilities, and also by the same happy energy by other teachers. This was going to be a good talk!

I wasn't wrong!

I felt an instant connection with the students as they rolled in and sat on the floor. My talk really got through to them, and afterwards some students came up with tears in their eyes and thanked me. Emotion is beautiful, and I welcome it every time.

The teachers came up to me afterwards and said it was absolutely perfect with what the school community was going through and they said they were very excited for the evening session with parents. I then got to finally meet the principal, and organiser of my visit, Colleen McGreal. We had been chatting for a couple of months leading up to the event, and It was nice to finally put a name to the face. She thanked me for the talk and also said it was perfect for their community. "Can't wait for our parents to experience it tonight"

I had a few hours until the evening parents talk, so I went to the gym. I drove to a neighboring suburb, Frankston, and trained. I did a back session, and after stretching, I went for another feed.

I still had some time before the parent session, so I spent it wondering around a shopping centre.

Arriving back at St Macartins Primary school, I met with Nicole again and she told me about the great feedback she had already received from the day. Colleen then came in and said the same!

It can be a bit tough picking numbers for the speakers for schools parent talk, because it often rangers depending on weather, community feel, and location.

Parents started rolling in big time! And it was so awesome to see so many of them. I was approached by a couple of them before my talk..
"My daughter came home today and I just want to say, you really gas a strong impact on her. I've never seen her like that. Thank you Luke."

"I'm only here because my daughter said I must come after what she saw today. I'm looking forward to this talk now."

And off I went! And again, I delivered my motivational speakers for schools talk BIG TIME!
I had criers again, and afterwards sold out of copies of my book as I answered person questions.

Another talk done that left me buzzing with gratitude. The principal, Colleen, walked me to my car..


"There's no wonder you have so many great reviews on your site. That was absolutely fantastic. I'm going to recommend you to all of those at our next school principal's meeting. I'm sure we will see you again, Luke. Thank you."

I drove home the hour, stayed up a little later than usual (because I had Wednesday free) responding to messages from the parents.

I know I've said it heaps, but receiving messages after my talks is my favourite part. It's where those in the audience have gone home, thought deeply about my talk, and then they feel compelled to message me and share their thoughts. The best!

Day 3 of my motivational speakers for schools Melbourne tour and I had the day off from speaking at schools.
I spent the morning working on my website, getting back to speakers enquiries, and also finishing off responding to messages from the parents the night before.

The next morning was at St Paul's Primary school in Kealba. The rest on Wednesday had me fully energised (pretty much always am) for my talks. I had two sessions booked in..

The yrs 5-6 was up first, then the 3-4.

I got to the primary school and met with the principal, and organiser of my speakers for kids visit, Denis Daly. I'm so grateful to be able to meet so many beautiful people on my speaker journey, and this guy, Denis, was no different. Before my talk he gave me a run down on his students and I could feel his obvious passion. We spoke about emotional intelligence, and other cool topics! Having someone like that at the head of the school, it filters down to his team of teachers, and then obviously, the students. The kids entered the hall, and going by their eager faces and welcoming smiles, Denis' leadership had obviously worked wonders on the students. Same as his team of teachers. Beautiful! Really beautiful!

The talk went perfectly, and from time to time I caught Denis up the back smiling and nodding his head agreeing with the content of my talk and the way the kids were responding.

Next up was years 3-4, and this time, for the first time, I mostly sat down as I spoke. I don't know why, but being down on their level, it allowed me to bring the intensity down a little to match their energy. It worked! I'm big on connection and being able to feel what's working and what isn't, and sitting down with the younger ones really worked!

I'll use a chair or edge of stage each time when I'm motivational speaker for kids (if it feels right).

Afterwards I spoke with Denis about the talks, and he said he'll look at getting me back for a parents talk and teacher stress workshop. Love that!

I really wanted to rest up on Thursday afternoon because the Friday was a huge day and I wanted to ensure my energy levels were ready to go.

My motivational speakers for schools, Carlton Gardens Primary school talks was only a shoirt drive from Toorak Melbourne This tour was great actually in regards to travel time (It was great all over!). My last tour of Victoria saw me staying in Melbourne but having to drive 4 hours each way on one day, 3 each way on another, and 2 and a half another.
This time they were all really close expect for Mornington which was still only 50 or mins away.

Friday morning in Melbourne was bloody freezing!!! I still wore shorts (Smart move) because I get hot during my talks. 

Monika Planinic was the teacher I was chatting with leading up to my talk, and yet again, I got to meet another amazing soul. She was bright, bubbly, welcoming, and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and ready to go.

It was the first time I'd have the parents talk in the morning, as they're usually after school hours. Monika told me that they found better attendance on Friday's as they have regular parent and teacher meetings on Friday mornings.
It was close to a full house of parents, and this talk was taken on beautifully by the parents. After my talk, I again had some criers and hugs. I again sold out of my book, Stabbed Ego (I should really take more each time).

After the talk we all openly discussed the topics and the way they felt their kids would respond. During my talk I tell the parents that I PG my stories for the young ones. One parent suggested I tell the whole story about when I was stabbed, as kids need to know consequences.  In the talk with primary kids, I tell them I was pushed over and hit my head on gutter.


We all discussed this, and came up with the conclusion (I'm still always open to learning and manipulating to suit) that the stabbing may take the focus away from the message.
Being a motivational speakers for high schools & primary schools speaker, I always think it's crucial for a speaker not to get stuck in their own ego, and openly discuss any way they can change or manipulate things to suit each audience, demographic, and outcomes.

The whole day with the students went incredibly well, and again, I sat down for most of the talk with the 3-4's. Question time always has to get cut off otherwise I'd still be sitting there.

Last up was the teacher stress workshop, and this session is one I love delivering.

The teachers really need it, and through cool stories, short clips, and lived experience, I speak deeply about ways of reducing stress, and increase personal development & emotional intelligence.

It worked extremely well..

I gave Monika a big hug, and then drive out of the school with the biggest smile on my face.

It was the end of another amazing motivational speakers for schools Melbourne tour.

Thank you xxx


Guest speakers for schools, & youth motivational speakers, Luke S. Kennedy is Australia's most requested speakers for primary schools, high schools, corporate key note speaker, and one of the happiest people of all time (and pretty humble hahaha).


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