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Moranbah High School | Luke S. Kennedy | Youth Motivational Speaker Brisbane



Sydney's best youth and high school inspiring speakers, Luke S. Kennedy, visited Queensland to speak to the high school students of Moranbah High, Queensland,

 I travelled to Northern Qld in 2015 to speak at Moranbah High.

There was a spike in youth suicide there and the town got together to put on a day of talks by some of Australia's best to help inspire the students and give them hope.


The day was a huge success! The student's at Moranbah High were open minded and passionately answered, and asked, questions. There was an electric buzz the entire day and you could feel a shift occurring.


I received this message the night after the talk...

"Hi Luke, thank you for coming to Moranbah High. We got so much out of your talk. My boyfriend was going down the bad path like you but after hearing you talk he said he's never going to do drugs. Thank you so much."


That right there is what it's all about!


On the way to the event, I met with one of the inspiring speakers who is also from Sydney, Matt Johnstone. We met at Sydney airport before boarding our plane. I have never met a man like him! Softly spoken but deep, very deep! We hit it off straight away. After suffering through his own depression, he now travels the world helping students, individuals, and large corporations! Last year he spoke at Google in New York. This man is someone I really look up to.


A man from Brisbane, Paul Stanley, spoke about his son being punched, and killed. Paul was another man who blew my mind! The organisation he has set up, The Matthew Stanley Foundation which has spread the word throughout Australia about the effects of violence and the impact on the victim's and victim's families.


I spoke to the school about how worrying what other people think, and trying to live up to certain labels dramatically ruined my life. I help them to reflect on their own actions (or lack of actions) they may be taking and explain ways of living a life of happiness. A life where they're being themselves. A clean and positive life.


The day was one I'll never forget.

Being a motivational speakers Sydney has allowed me to go to areas all around Australia. I smile now when I think about how everything has turned out. Majority of the cool stuff started after I wrote my book, 'Stabbed Ego'. If you have a story in you, write a book!

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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