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Corporate Events Speaker

Topics Covered...

  • Resilience​

  • Dealing with Change & Uncertainty

  • Mental Health/Self-Care

  • Motivation & Inspiration

  • Self-Awareness 

  • The importance of being open to Feedback

  • Reducing Fear, Anxiety, and Stress (workshops available)

  • Detaching from Labels & Negative Beliefs

"Luke made a huge impact on our team here at the NRL."
- NRL CEO, Todd Greenberg.


"The BEST Speaker we've had!."
- Andrew Savvas, Business Excellence Manager, ANZ.

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"Luke's the best speaker we've seen!"
- Optus Marketing Team

Why Me For Your Corporate Event?

Luke's story isn't your typical 'bad guy gone good', his journey has been one of immense resilience, and ends in unimaginable amounts of success & happiness. He shows how a shift in mindset can change a world. Luke uses his thrilling story to inspire deep & honest reflection, resilience, motivation, and his explanation of mindset shifts is relatable to any audience.  

Luke battled through leading a violent street fighting gang, drug abuse, crime, depression, obesity, and violence. He was stabbed on two separate occasions; once in the lung, the other time in the head. After turning his life around, he's now a successful business owner, mental health advocate, and one of Australia's most requested motivational speakers.

He's now shared a stage with Australia's best speakers, John McGrath, Naomi Simson, and many more...

Luke's traveled Australia making a large impact to a wide range of businesses and corporate events, from Optus, NRL, and even your local small business looking to motivate & inspire their team.

"His presentation was Entertaining, Shocking, Funny, but most importantly it left our room of entrepreneurs and staff Inspired to better themselves, their businesses, or job roles." - Director, Institute For Leadership, Marc Alfred

Through on the edge of your seat stories, Luke now connects deeply with any demographic. It doesn't matter what the demographic is though, he's found that all suffer from the same internal battles; worrying what people think, living up to labels/expectations, social awkwardness, anxiety, dealing with past trauma, and not knowing who they really are or where to fit in.  Luke's talks have proven to help in all of these areas. 

motivational speaker for events Luke Kennedy


Luke S. Kennedy

"Luke was one of our keynote speakers at B-xponential, a business event with over 500 attendees. From the five keynotes on the day, Luke received overwhelming and sensational feedback. The audience raved about the content, delivery, and message from Luke."

-  BX CEO, Matt Alderton

"...a great story that told exceptionally well. It resonated with our attendees and has incurred a lot of follow up discussion. the enthusiasm of everyone to get a copy of your book was a testament to the inspiring theme and tone of your talk."

- CEO Mister Minit, Mark Rusbatch

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