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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

"I wish my son could have been here for your talk!"

- Teacher


Yes! It's so good to see everything opening up again! As a mental health speakers for schools, the above photo has been a representation of my past few months. I love visiting events as a motivational speakers, however with restrictions, we've all had to adapt, and a lot of my gigs have been held at the local services club where I hire a room to hold my Zoom sessions. Admittedly the session have been working extremely well and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, however, nothing beats a face to face interaction!  With everything now opening up, I've had bookings come through to be mental health speakers for primary schools, bullying speakers for high schools, bookings come through to speak at teacher conferences where I'll hold my keynote and reducing stress and anxiety workshops, and also a heap of events for corporate events.

2019 was a year with back to back tours with little rest. I traveled the country most weeks, speaking in Sydney, guest speakers in Melbourne, Western Australia, a heap of motivational speakers talks in Queensland, and wherever else you can think of, I was there!

 2020 was a year where gigs slowed down, and this allowed me to work a heap on myself which was very beneficial. Now though, It's game on again, and I'm ready to get into it! I'm actually super pumped to be busty again.

I spoke with Eltham in Victoria last week through Zoom. The reason I hire a room at the services club is, they have great Wifi, lighting, and sound. This is to ensure the sessions run as smoothly as possible. I get to the club half hour before my talk, set up, and then liaise with the organiser on the other side to make sure the screens are set up properly. I not only have to have my slides and myself in the same shot, but I need to be sure the shot of my body is underneath the screen of my slides (that probably doesn't make sense, so below is a photo of what I mean). I  like to pint at specific part of my slides throughout my talk, so I like to be underneath it to make sure all our screens are aligned.

Does it make sense now? haha

A heap of students after my talks have wanted to grab copies of my book, Stabbed Ego, which is always great to see. It means I connected with them on some level and my presentation resonated with some thoughts or feelings they may be having. I love nothing more than receiving messages from the students afterwards and they open up and tell me what they got out of the talk and the changes they're now making. 

That's what it's all about.

Keep shining :-)

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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