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"Luke's the Best We've Seen!"

- Optus

About Guest Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy

Luke uses his "breathtaking" story to inspire deep, lasting change and self-awareness for a wide range of audiences from primary school students to high school students, staff PD, business people, parents, and even prisoners.


For eight years, Luke was an obese alcoholic, drug addict (Luke PG's story and content for primary aged students) self-confessed bully and thug.

On the outside, he looked strong and confident, even happy at times, but on the inside his thoughts would haunt him. He was incredibly scared, depressed, anxious, paranoid. Being stabbed on two separate occasions, and close to death numerous other times, Luke's future wasn't looking bright.

"The impact you had on our year 4-6 was significant. They are still talking about it and we have seen a marked difference in the students being more present, particularly around adults."- Principal, Wembley Primary School



Luke now connects deeply with any demographic. No matter the demographic we all suffer from the same internal battles: worrying what people think, living up to labels/expectations, social awkwardness, anxiety, dealing with past trauma, and not knowing who we really are or where to fit in. Luke’s ‘edge-of-your-seat’ stories prove to help in all of these areas.    



"The Best Bit Of Professional Learning I've Witnessed In 15 Years." - Teacher, Wellington NSW.



After becoming an international best-selling author (GRAB a copy of his books HERE), successful business owner, mental health advocate, and one of Australia's top motivational speakers, Luke’s purpose is to use his experience to inspire, motivate, and enlighten others to stop worrying what other people think; to develop mentally, emotionally, and physically; to shed the labels. To be free.  There are countless speakers out there who focus on the content of success and strategies. Without working on the individual’s mental health and self-awareness, progress in any form is stunted.

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