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Global Entrepreneurship Forum, Sydney | Luke S. Kennedy | Corporate Event Motivational Speakers



Presenting in front of a room full of driven entrepreneurs is an electric experience! People driven by personal development are open-minded and think outside the box. The audience at The Global Entrepreneurship Forum, Sydney, were no different. 

The event was held at Sydney University, and my keynote presentation was about grabbing every opportunity, and ideas, with both hands.  I spoke how we tend to let ideas go or not follow through on opportunities because of a few reasons. For me, a couple of things that effected my confidence;

  • Worrying what other people think: Whether we like to admit it or not we all tend to have these worries about what other people think and it can get us doing things we don't want to do, or shouldn't be doing. Worrying what other people think  can also make us miss out on positive opportunities in life! Make us shy away from ideas and let opportunities pass us by. We worry what people will think if we fail, or even if we succeed.

  • Living up to negative labels: When we come into this life we are pure, unstoppable beings where we know we can do whatever we want in this life. Unfortunately we pick up different labels and beliefs that take us away from our limitless self. 

After bringing some awareness to these limiting behaviors, it helps us recognise and release them. By following through on ideas, more ideas will come.

If you don't make steps with your ideas, and step away from opportunities, teh universe will slowly stop delivering them into your life.

The Sydney leg of the Entrepreneurship Forum was a big success. Looking forward to speaking at the next event in Melbourne March 2017.

Being a Sydney motivational speaker and author of 'Stabbed Ego' has allowed me to inspire a large range of audiences from high school students, millionaire entrepreneurs, prisoners, and corporations. I love that I can connect with anyone.

Do you have an audience that need to be inspired? Let Luke present at your next event.

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