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McGrath Real Estate | Luke S. Kennedy | Guest Speakers Sydney



Australia's "best" keynote speaker for events, Luke S. Kennedy, presenting to the team at McGrath Real Estate

"Speaking with my colleagues after Luke’s talk, everyone couldn't stop raving about Luke & his unique difference compared to the 1000’s of motivational speakers & self-help gurus out there that try to motivate & inspire teams to higher performance or a greater life – For me he's THE BEST speaker I’ve seen & would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone."
- Zac Abdallaoui, McGrath Agent.

My angle when I’m guest speaker at corporate events, or businesses, is different to most, and I’ll explain a little further down…

Firstly, I was invited as the guest speaker at McGrath Real Estate office’s monthly sales meeting. After I spoke alongside John McGrath at B-Xponential; one of Australia’s premium business, mindset, and entrepreneur events, the owner of McGrath Offices in San Souci, Brighton Le Sands, Blakehurst, and Revesby, heard about the impact I made, and wanted me to speak to his team.

The event was held at Brighton Le Sands' Novotel, and it was a talk I was extremely pumped for! After speaking with organisers of the event, the angle I was going with was similar to a keynote speaker event I did recently for Optus.


I don't just speak about how I turned my life around from complete failure, although I do hit resilience as it's extremely important to have any job role, but more importantly is, I get deep... really deep. I speak about the harsh events of my life, and then go on to relate these stories back to the audience's lives, mindset, and job roles. I help them to understand the ego they're trying to hold on to, and explain how living up to certain labels is crushing their happiness, mental peace, and success in every area.. 


If you haven't heard a bit of my story, for eight years of my life, I was an obese alcoholic and drug addicted thug. I was the leader of a violent street fighting crew, and was stabbed on two separate occasions; once in the lung, the other time in the head. I severely depressed, anxious, and socially awkward. I was stuck in ego.

I use my thrilling story to inspires deep, lasting change, and self-awareness. I make the audience become aware of their ego and limiting beliefs. Worrying what other people think was a huge reason I got into the trouble I was in, I would do things I didn't want to do, and also miss out on positive opportunities in life as well.


I tailor the motivational speakers presentation for each specific industry, and open their eyes to some of the worries, and limiting beliefs, they're going through.

In the real estate industry, worrying what other people think stops an agent from networking. Networking is a a massive lead gen tool, and if an agent is feeling awkward, or doesn't like putting themselves out there, well, they're leaving some big business on the table.

It's the same as making the crucial phone calls, if the calls aren't been made (generally from fear of embarrassment or rejection, which is again, worrying what people think), sales will drop.

Becoming aware of ones ego and labels, is the first step towards releasing it....

I spoke earlier about the labels we battle to love up to, and it's extremely relevant for the real estate industry. We have to be extremely careful what we're labeling ourselves and other people, because it will negatively impact every area of life; happiness, success, peace of mind, and relationships.

Even a "positive" label in real estate can have a negative impact. If someone is labelled a "top performer", this could results in the agent getting their heads so far up their arses, that they stop doing the perceived 'little things' that got them there. They may start delegating crucial calls that they should be making, or pull back on making touch points to their clients because they feel it's below them now. It doesn't matter where you are in your specific role, whether you're a top performer, or still building, if you let your ego get in the way, and you're not open to feedback or change....

"Anything that is led by ego eventually self-destructs."

The presentation for McGrath real estate was huge hit. I received countless messages through facebook afterwards from the team. It hit home fro them, and it was great to hear their stories and awareness of the labels that they've been trying to live up. 

There's countless speakers out there that talk about success strategies, and tool, which is great. Without self-awareness and reflection, any progress in life is stunted. I get these guys to take the masks off and be themselves, this is where success and happiness is.

"Luke spoke to my team and I was blown away by the response! His raw and authentic approach and the way he turned his life around proved to be a real motivator to me and all the team. I would highly recommend anyone with a diverse team to have Luke come and present." 
- Kieran Bresnahan, Owner McGrath, South Hurstville, Sans Souci, Brighton Le Sands, Revesby.

Guest Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, travels Australia as one of the best motivational speakers, and mental health advocates. His words impact a wide range of audiences, he's a keynote speaker for corporate events, primary school speaker, high school speakers, and even guest speaker for prisons.

Do you have an audience that need to be inspired? Let Luke present at your next event.

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