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Redemption Road (previously published as Stabbed Ego).


"It makes for hair-raising reading." - The Daily Telegraph.


'I'm thinking it's a punctured lung . . . Who did this to you?' The paramedic looked hard into my flickering eyes. As I lay dying in the back of a screaming ambulance, my main concerns should have been about life and death. But while I did want to live, it wasn't because I loved life, but because I wanted to be around to hear the story of my survival.

Life wasn't as important to me as my ego. 

This was all just a popularity contest. The fights, the crews and the leadership were all just tools to be talked about. To be heard, to be seen - that was my life. To be stabbed and survive was, in my crazy world, a badge of honor. It was a story that would, of course, be spoken about.


My father had always told me that the smart ones go unheard. I grew up believing that, but the feelings I gained from this popularity contest - a contest I felt I was winning - were unmatched.


Struggling to stay alive with a gaping wound across my back, I desperately wondered how I got to this point. My knife-wielding opponent was not the attacker; it had been an act of self-defense. He'd been defending himself against an ego-driven, menacing thug who was intent on hurting him. That thug was me. With my breaths getting shorter from my pierced lung, I closed my eyes . . .


In a hole of anxiety and depression, Luke Kennedy resorted to drugs, alcohol and fighting in a desperate bid to silence his frantic mind. Soon he was leading a street-fighting crew, and constantly coming close to killing others or being killed. Tortured by the voices in his head, Luke began looking for an out. Eventually he found it.


Redemption Road

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