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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Resilience Speakers | Australia | Luke S. Kennedy

"Luke, we are all still talking about your visit. We are blessed to have had you speak at our school community. The ongoing feedback from everyone has been incredible!"

Another trip down the Sydney for a motivational speakers for students tour...

I was actually going to be away for two week with a whole heap of schools booked in and spread throughout the two weeks.

Usually when I'm on a speakers for schools tour, it's back to back sessions and no gaps in days.
Having sessions booked in over two weeks, there was actually time for me to chill out. How the two weeks looked...

I'd arrive on Tuesday night, and due to a late cancel (only had two this year thankfully) on the Thursday, I could chill for a couple of days until speaking on Friday at Balgowlah Boys for 2 sessions for the students of Yr 7 and 8

Chill out over the weekend.

Mon & Tues at Tumbi Umbi for two full days of guest speaker for youth, and reducing stress workshops.

Wednesday was a chill out day (perfect after a huge Mon and Tues)

Thursday was speaker for high school students at Penshurst Marist (my old hood) for year 10.

Friday at Stanwell Tops where I speak every year for Mount Carmel Catholic colleges Yr 9 camp.

Arriving on Tuesday night I spent the couple of free days just chilling out and catching up with my local peeps, hitting the gym, yoga, and going to the park with my dog, Ruby.

 Friday morning I drove to Balgowlah which is on the northern beaches of Sydney, near Manly. It's a beautiful part of Sydney.

Arriving at the school, I met with the teacher who was another amazing soul, and then the students came rolling in.

The two speakers for schools session went perfect! Afterwards the teacher asked if i could come back later in the year and be guest speaker for yr 10 students and also hold me reducing stress workshop straight after. Yes!!!

The students were all super keen to read my book, Stabbed Ego (grab yours HERE), so the school purchased copies for the library.

The weekend was bliss and I spent it at cafes reading my current read, A New Earth, and also chilling with friends.

The Monday and Tuesday was a huge day planned and was one I had been looking forward to for some time. Why is that?

I know I've mentioned in previous blogs about the out of this world mind of people I've had the privilege to meet, however none of them match the two men from Tumbi Umbi High school.
Firstly, Russel Stefans who is the wellness coordinator (goes nowhere near describing this guy) organised my visit last year. Leading up to the event last year, we spoke over the phone, and felt his immediate passion.

Last year we spoke during the day and this guy was extremely special. He actually fosters some students from the school and give his all every single day for those kids at the school. Again, what I'm saying here doesn't get anywhere near describing this unbelievable man.

The other soul I'm speaking about is Dan Holton. Talk about a super man of positive energy!! Last year we met and could see his power and positive relationships he had with the students. We kept in touch since and his gone on his own journey of self discovery and made some huge changes in his own life and as a result has been a shining star for the students.

I've been motivational speaker for hundreds of schools across the country over the last few years, and I put my hand on my heart and say I've never met anyone that's as powerful as these two mentors for the students. 
If you're reading this boys, I have so much love for you both.

Last year I had 4 back to back sessions with the boys of Yr 7 to 10. So all of boys had heard my presentation except for the  new yr 7's.

Russel wanted me to firstly speak to the entire year bunch, and then a power hour with a small bunch of student with huge potential that just needed some direction.

I had a two hour drive from Sydney on the Monday morning to get to Tumbi Umbi, and when I arrived I couldn't wait to get into the day, but also see my two main men Russel and Dan. Walking into the school a few students called out my name, and I recognised them from speaking last year.

Walking into front reception, my main man Russel walked out and we hugged before chatting about what was happening.

The main auditorium is where I would hold my whole year group motivational speakers presentation, and then head straight away to a room in the library for the smaller group. 
Walking to the auditorium, Russel was giving me a run down on some things that were going on at the school, and told me some of the success stories since my last visit.

I heard some other students call out from last time and I was really excited to get into the day. Inside the auditorium as Russel and I were getting the slides ready for my talk, I looked over and happily saw a big bright smile I recognised. It was my homie, Dan, and he came bouncing in like always and we shared a hug.
He then told me  about the journey of self exploration he's been on, and I could have honestly stood there and listened the whole day. Except... the year 7 students were all making their way to their seats.

I told Dan we'd continue later, and after another bro hug, I was then standing in front of an auditorium full of Yr 7 students ready to hear my motivational speakers for schools talk. I didn't get to speak to this bunch last year, so this talk was my keynote presentation.
The way Russel commands attention, and the way the students show an obvious respect, is absolutely beautiful.
He introduced me, and then for a solid hour, I spoke to the full room who watched on intently and showed respect to me as well.
At the end of my talk, the students gave me a loud applause, and then I had to rush to the library to hold the hour of power for the smaller group of year 7's. To say that this hour was really something special, is the understatement of the century. Dan sat in, as well as another young teacher who was actually a student of the school in the past.  He's on the brink of playing in the NRL, and he's another strong man that's helping lead this school. What an amazing opportunity for the youth of Tumbi Umbi High to have these guys leading from the front.  
We spoke very deeply with the young boys, and we were all open and honest with each other, and a couple shed tears, and I had a heap of happy moments myself.
I can honestly say that the hour there was so incredibly beautiful that the boys in that room were the most thoughtful young people I have ever come across. Russel, Dan, and the other young man really shared their thoughts and made me realise how beautiful this world is. I can't thank those guys enough for being who they are to those young kids. Being guest speakers for schools across the country, I love what I do, and I'll be doing it until I'm 100 years old. Russel you da man. 

After the talk with the year 7's I then had a nice feed as I spoke with Russel and Dan about the success of the two sessions in the morning. After filling my stomach, I headed back to the auditorium to speak with the students of yr 8. Now this bunch heard me speak last year, so this time around I was holding my reducing stress workshop. 
Some students who I recognised, came up and shook my hand before the talk, and then away I went  again for the hour. To the students credit, for the hour of my mental health speakers talk, the students watched on, asked deep questions at the end, and the I had to head off to the library again for another hour of power with a smaller bunch of the students from yr 8.

It went extremely well with a heap of emotions shared and their own personal stories as well. Life at its best right there.
After lunch, it was a spare session I had where I stuck around and had any students wanting to chat. The room was soon filled again, and we all chatted further about  what we spoke about earlier.
That's beautiful. They didn't have to be in that room, but here they sat, openly talking about their lives and what they want. Yesss! 

I had the arvo free, so for me, that meant more food and gym.or yoga. I found the coolest yoga spot, and after doing yoga, I met some more amazing people. 
I then returned back to my accommodation to do a mirror reflection of the day I just had. The next day was for Yrs 9 and then 10.

The next day was just as sensational as the previous and once again there was some beautiful moments shared. 
Leaving Tumbi Umbi, I headed back to Sydney. On my route to Sydney I stopped for some food and received a message from Russel thanking me for a powerful couple of days and then told me that he overhead some students chatting about how much they loved the talks and how much they got out of it too. Hearing instant feedback really makes it all worth it.

I got back to Sydney, went to the gym, and then straight to bed.

Wednesday was a chilled day, so I got up early, went to my faVe cafe, Edmonds and Greer in Oatley, and did some reading and writing.
I love that cafe!!!! The people there are beautiful, the food is amazing, and the coffee is fulfilling!
I then went to Cronulla beach to get some sun and go for a walk. The chilled out day was just what I needed after a big two days in Tumbi Umbi. 
I know it may not seem like a big couple of days, but Tumbi Umbi was huge. Holding a group session followed my an immediate hour of power with a smaller group, takes a lot of energy and focus. I give we h of my talks everything, and two full days of doing so, the rest day was welcoming. 

Wednesday was only a single session at a local spot too. I got to speak at a school that was one I knew very well - Penshurst Marist. Ive spoke there in the past, and also when I owned the gym, a lot of our members went there, their kids go there, and we even held a schools sports day at the gym every Friday.

So the school I knew well. 

Arriving at the school, I walked into reception, asked for the teacher (who is also a friend), and then headed to the library. I was speaking with the students of yr 10, and the last time I spoke there it was a boys only school, this time it was co ed. So, in came the boys and girls of year 9, and they sat on the carpeted floor as I was introduced. 
There wasn't a whisper for the 70 or so minutes I spoke, and at the end, I had some beautiful questions and shared insight.
Also, a student who wasn't in the talk, who was in Yr 10, told me he heard me speak the previous year, and now he's loving listening to my weekly podcast, The Stabbed Ego Project (LISTEN HERE).

The teachers said that they really want to get me back to speak to the other year groups. I told them I was looking forward to it  :-)

I headed back to Edmonds and Greer to eat again and chill out. 

Friday I was guest mental health speakers for schools at Stanwell Tops to the year 9 students of Mount Carmell College. I speak at their camp there every year, and love doing so. I always get a great response from the students at the camp, and love that I get to do it every year.

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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