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Bullying Speakers | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

"I want to get you back for all the year groups!"

- Teacher


I'm well and truly back into the swing of things with my tours as mental health speakers across Australia.  
I had a quick trip down to Sydney to speak at Arndell college. I was speakers for schools there a couple of years ago and was invited back to speak with the students in year 9. They were at camp and I was speaker for the last day of the camp. 

Leading up to the event, I was speaking with teachers and organisers and they were giving me a rundown on the students and a few of the issues they were having. Out of respect and privacy of the students, I won't go into details, however the topics they wanted focus on was resilience speaker, mental health, and how to be yourself. This is my thing so I was looking forward to getting into it. Because of the schedule for the day, I was asked to hold two sessions: my keynote talk and also my reducing stress and improving resilience workshop/session. Both sessions work extremely well by themselves, but once combined, it's really something special.


I drove down to Sydney from Byron for the gig and stayed in Cronulla. To get to the camp, it was a 2 hour drive from Cronulla so I had the opportunity to listen to podcasts and catch up on some calls. I like to catch up on calls while I'm driving as it passes time quickly and enables me to get back to those that I've been a bit slack with. 

The Sydney traffic isn't something I've missed while living up north, and this traffic really was bumper to bumper the whole way (probably should've timed it better).
Arriving at the camp grounds I had a quick can of baked beans, a protein shake with coconut water, and a bliss ball (how's that for a 3 course meal!).

I need to keep my fluids, sugar, and food up especially before a back to back session. As a speaker for schools, I put a lot into my talks so my energy & hydration levels are paramount. I walked into the camp grounds and met the organiser. It's interesting leading into a public speakers talk and liaising with the organisers.  I like to see where my mind goes and tries to get an image of the person. When rocking up on the day, I'm usually way off!
This time was no different haha.

I arrived and looked for the person I envisaged but didn't find him. A man approached and introduced himself as the guy I was looking for. Way off again!

He told me that there was a slight delay in kick off time as the students were receiving letters prepared earlier from their parents. Watching them open the letters, there was a mix between smiles, tears, shakes of the head, and also a few blank faces. It was obviously a highly emotional experience and a great precursor to my talks. Open minds and emotions is what's it's all about! 
I was escorted to the hall and set up my slides for my Motivational Speakers for schools presentation. As a public speaker for schools I love the energy of the student's coming into a room.  This was no different... the students came in, and all jostled for positions to find a seat. I kept sipping on water as my body soaked up the energy of the room. 
I was then introduced and away I went! The room was silent for the entire 90 min session and then was met with a loud applause and a couple of cheers from the cheeky ones.

During the break between talks, a few students stuck around to have a one on one chat with me and also ask some questions. That part I love. It gives me an insight into their insight and a few of the questions were amazing! 
I also heard some heartache by a few of them as they shed some tears. This again, is what it's all about. 
I then did my follow up session and it was just as powerful. I had more tears and insight later before leaving for the couple of hour drive home.
After that gig, I had to head back home because I was asked to be guest Motivational Speakers for schools Brisbane at St Patrick's College, Shorncliffe.
I spoke there early last year and I was excited to be invited back. This time it was for high school students in year 12. Organiser of the event and teacher, Kate Mulvihill, has been in contact since my last visit to Shorncliffe and we were looking to get something going sooner, but because of the obvious, we couldn't make it work. 

I got up early on the Monday morning and was ready to go...
Again, I prepared with a big feed, coconut water, and made sure I had my USB and presentation clicker.
When starting out in the public speakers for schools industry, I'd get really nervous in the morning and check 10000 times that I had my USB and clicker. I'd even bring a spare USB and my laptop just in case. Now, I get more excited than nervous and confidently rock up with my pointer and USB in my pocket (sometimes with copies of my book, Stabbed Ego..  GRAB YOURS HERE).  
Being a Motivational Speakers for schools I never imagined that it would get to this place of it being full time. To be honest, I really never thought I'd be a public speaker at all. I was terrified to speak in public (or even to one person) but now it's my passion and purpose all rolled into one. Just gotta keep pushing past the doubts I suppose.
Arriving at the school it was quickly game time and afterwards some teachers approached me and spoke and told me how needed my presentation was for their students.
I love this stuff!

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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