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Your Morning is Sacred

What's your morning routine?


Does it set your day up for smiles & success?


Or... angst?

The first 30 min of your morning is sacred... Peeps are always asking me why I'm always smiling. "Are you faking it?", I often hear. Happiness, success (same thing I believe), relationships, business, and even my motivational speaking, if I'm not working on it, and setting routines and committing to these....

"If It's Not Growing, It's Dying." - Anthony Robbins.

I set myself up every day to be happy. I flood my waking hour with gratitude & .... wait, I'm getting a little ahead of myself... keep reading. How you spend your waking moments, will determine how you feel, and what you attract, throughout the day.

I wake at 5AM

The moment I open my eyes, I smile.. and give thanks for another day - "Thank you." I whisper. When I get out of bed, I make sure I make the bed. Not only is it nice on the mind to have a tidy room, but making the bed first thing, is a small intention to the universe that you're looking for achievement throughout the day. You made the bed, so you've achieved something in the first 30 seconds of your day. Imagine a whole days worth of achievements! I then walk into my lounge room, sit, and write ten things I'm grateful for. These ten things can be absolutely anything; the air we breathe, our eyes to see, our mouth to smile, and like in this photo, my dog sitting with me.

The day of this photo I was guest speaker for McGrath Real Estate sales team - for that I was grateful. You can think of past achievements, or achievements of others. You can look back and be grateful for how far you've come. I often think back to when I was a socially awkward overweight kid. I'm now extremely thankful that I can use my past experience to be guest speaker for schools, large corporations, and even prisons.

Life is a Trip.

When you're fresh in the morning, get in a complete feeling of gratitude, it's another little nudge to the universe/god that you want to stay in that frequency and this will attract the same people, thoughts, objects, and ideas on that frequency. After these 10 things, I write my power list. I've only started doing this recently after listening to The MFCEO podcast. It's writing 5 critical tasks that I need to get done for that day for it to be a Win! Doing this has changed my life. Often we get to the end of a day and feel we haven't gotten a single thing done. Setting intentions and specific tasks for the day, gives you focus, and proof of a successful day. I then commit to reading 10 pages of a book. 10 pages might not sound like much but if I commit to it, then I'll do it. Reading good material in the morning feeds the brain with positivity and opportunity.. rather than staring at my phone or listening to the radio which does nothing more than provide lack. When I stand from doing my gratitude, power-list, and reading I get into some creative work - writing or content as a motivational speaker.

Once the sun is up, to get some 3rd eye activation, I go outside to do some sun gazing. I stare at the rising sun for a couple of minutes. The benefits of sun gazing are next level...

After sung gazing I go into my bedroom and meditate for 15 minutes.

This is why I'm always happy. Set some good intentions for your day by starting it off with a peaceful routine. Some say they don't have time for this... . Well... wake up earlier x I wish you all peace of mind xx


Motivational Speakers for schools, corporations, and guest speaker for events, Luke S. Kennedy, uses his “breathtaking story” to open audience’s eyes, and mind, up to ego – to the labels that we battle to live up to, and also demonstrates through his own thrilling examples, how worrying what other people think is ruining our relationships, following through on ideas, happiness, and success in every area. Becoming aware of ones ego and labels, is the first step towards releasing it.Luke shows how when we come into this world we are a pure spirit with unlimited potential and happiness. As life goes on though we get disconnected from this true-self - Some dramatic events will occur, we may do some regretful actions, or get negative beliefs about ourselves or labelled with certain things that take us away from this true happy-self. The further we get away from the true-self, the unhappier we become because we’re not being ourselves. Labels, ego, and worrying what people think, crushes productivity and results in an overactive and doubtful mind - a feeling of being lost, depressed, anxious, and socially awkward, is a result of this.


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