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BXnetworking | Luke S. Kennedy |  Keynote Speakers Sydney



Keynote talk at BXnetworking, St George.


After presenting at B-xponential, I've been in regular contact with director of the company, Matt Alderton. Matt contacted me in early February and asked me to do a keynote talk at his breakfast networking group, BXnetworking.


The event was held at Bitton Cafe, Oatley. Having travelled regularly of late speaking around Sydney and across Australia, it was nice to walk up the road to a local café of mine to present.


"I couldn't have asked for a more inspiring way to start my morning. That presentation was fantastic! Thank you." - Attendee of Networking group



I had a fresh morning, starting off with coffee, breakfast, and reading one of my favourite books, Ask and It is Given, before arriving at Bitton to set up. Matt was there with his team in preparation for what turned out to be an excellent morning. Listening to business owners talk about their businesses raises your vibration, it elevates your energy as you can genuinely feel how enthusiastic they are about business and being an entrepreneur. I couldn't have asked for a better audience, and was ecstatic to hear how much they enjoyed the morning.


I spoke about the importance of pushing past negative belief systems and doubts, which then allows your true self/intuition to shine. Your intuition is where creativity and ideas come from. If we are suffocating this intuition with negativity and worrying what other people think, then it's a tough road to progress.


Motivation is limited when we aren't living to our true values, and this results in sloppiness and regression in happiness, business, and relationships. It's time to get back to our true selves. Away from worries. Away from labels, and towards happiness and success.


Sydney Motivational Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy presentingat Bitton Café in Oatley, Australia.

Do you have an audience that need to be inspired? Let Luke present at your next event.

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