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Speaker for Schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

"That was life changing! It hit me and my friends hard. This is the start of something big. Thank you."

-Kempsey High School Student


Australia's speaker for schools, Luke S. Kennedy, had his first day back after the Covid shutdowns. Speaking & connecting with students during this time is crucial, and the feedback from all involved shows Luke's visit couldn't have come at a better time. With speaker for schools sessions booked in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, South Australia, and plenty of other spots across Australia, Luke is excited to reach those students that are in need of inspiration, resilience advice, mental health and wellness, and how to reduce stress and anxiety. Luke's talks have proven to help in all these areas.

Wow... It's great to be back into it! The last couple of years as one of Australia's most sought after speakers for schools, except for school holidays, a week hasn't passed without me being guest speakers for schools students across the country. To go a few months without doing so, it really made me realise how much I love what I do, and how I need it as much as the students do. 

Living in Queensland now, the drive down the Kempsey only took a few hours (maybe longer), and driving south of the border is always nice. I love to drive down past Byron and see all the greenery and hills. While driving I realised I hadn't spoken in about 4 months, so I thought it be best to rehearse a little so I'm not too scratchy.

As I started speaking in the car my heartrate rose and so did my smile, as for the first time in a while I had that motivating an audience feeling back. Damn it felt good!

Arriving in Kempsey the night before my speaker for schools talk, I chilled out at a local motel, and had a nice sleep. Waking early as I always do, I trained a little in my room and did some pushup and sit ups before a nice stretch.

The day ahead was a big one first up!  I had 3 sessions for the day where I spoke to years 7-8, 9-10, 11-12. That being said, I had to prepare my food. If you've read my past posts you'd know I have low blood sugar levels, and this has in the past seen me close to fainting on stage when I haven't eaten right. So, i make sure now that I'm well prepared. 

After shopping at Woolies, I arrived at Kempsey High school half an hour before kick off and got everything ready.

As the students rocked in for the first session, I felt ecstatic, and couldn't wait to get into it. The energy from a room full of students is electric, and after not speaking for a few months, I was super pumped! It was a little weird because the students had to have their chairs apart due to Covid social distancing rules.


As I opened up with my talk, it was game time, and I had every students eyes locked into mine. After the talks a whole bunch of the students approached me for photos, and to tell me about themselves and what they got out of the talk. That is what it's all about for me! Impacting and connecting.

It's great to be back!

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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