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Blakehurst High School | Motivational Speakers for High Schools| Luke S. Kennedy


Heading back to Blakehurst high as youth speakers for schools, always spins me out a little. I went to Blakehurst high school and was "asked to leave" about 17 years ago because I was rarely there, and when I was there, I was being a rat bag. That was then... now I'm invited back every year as guest speakers for youth & one of Australia's Most Sought after motivational speakers for schools.

What's the difference between myself 17 years ago, and now?

Well, I suppose I look a little different. I'm about 40 kilos lighter.

Obviously a little older (okay, probably a lot).

But the main thing that shifted me from a young thug that did nothing but hurt others, and also himself, to now dedicating my entire life to helping our youth as a motivational speaker for schools, teacher stress workshop facilitator, and parent evening speaker,  was...

The only thing that changed...
Was my mind.

I decided to shift my attitude and look at life as a beautiful journey of learning and helping others throughout the time we have on this earth.

I spoke at Blakehurst high school late last year to the students in year 10 (have done the same these last 3 years), and I was happily surprised when I was asked to come back to speak with their junior youth students from years 7-9.



Usually when I'm guest speakers for high schools at Blakehurst, I speak in the library, this time because there was a few year group I had to speak in the hall.


I haven't been in that hall for 17 years!


I met with a friend of mine, Matthew Firth (check out his insta) beforehand to catch up over breakfast. I'm living in Brisbane now, so it's nice to catch up with my peeps when I'm in town.

I actually spoke at his business, Vision Personal Training, a few years ago. It was one of my first corporate speaking gigs, and to be honest, probably one of my worst in terms of structure and delivery. I was fresh and still finding my way.


After breakfast, he was actually coming with me to watch me speak to the students. I was looking forward to getting some feedback off him. Being a successful business owner means he's done a truckload of personal development, listened to a heap of podcasts (check out The Stabbed Ego Project Podcast) and is well aware of guest motivational speakers, and what to look out for. Feedback is king, and I was pumped to kick some arse in front of him (especially after dudding the talk at his business a few years ago).

Arriving at the school I approached reception and introduced myself, as well as Matt. I introduced Matt as my assistant so I could get him in.


Reception called for the organiser of the event, Roula, and she arrived within minutes. I spoke briefly with the principal who told me she'd be present during my talk. 


Leading up to the event, Roula informed me that the main focus for my talk (as well as other topics I speak about) was on bullying. There had been some issues with the younger ones, and they wanted to me to make a strong impact on these ones. Easy done!


When I speak about bullying, my style is a little different from most bullying speakers. I speak briefly about the forms of bullying, but my main aim is to look at the cause of bullying. A lot of it comes down to the individuals confidence and mental health.


Focusing, and helping, the individuals confidence and mental health will result in any forms of bullying reducing, if not disappearing.

When someone lacks confidence, they get pressured to do things they don't want to do, or they don't feel confident enough to tell someone they're being bullied, or even speaking up to the bully (without violence of course).

Also, someone who is actually doing the bullying, their confidence is crushed, so they pick on people, or hurt people in an attempt to make themselves feel better. They're also trying to show off or impress their friends.


If we build up the kids confidence, emotional intelligence, and reduce their anxiety and social awkwardness, we have a school filled with students who are open with their emotions, they're being themselves, and not trying to impress each other or worried what their friends think.


That right there will go along was to dropping the cases of bullying.

Another message received by one of the incredible students at Blakehurst High School

So, eager to rip in, I walked into the hall (with my homie Matt) and was hit with a huge amount of nostalgia. A curtain up the back of the stage was still the same. It was a curtain I graffitied all those year's ago. I remember in assembly, a teacher announcing their disgust in the graffiti and the large sum of money the curtain was worth.  All my friends looked at me through the side of their eyes, and I just continued to look straight ahead with a stupid look on my face hoping their eyes wouldn't result in a teacher checking me out too.


Now, I stood in front of that same curtain to inspire the school!


I met with the senior captain who were helping me set up and then introduce me as the motivational speakers for high schools (I'm also a speaker for Primary Schools)


Matt sat in the front row, and the echoing near emptiness of the hall was soon smothered with a dramatic energy as a few hundred students entered.


I was introduced, and then for the next hour and a bit I was stared at by keen little faces who were taking it all in and nodding their heads as my strong points, and stories, were delivering. Matt was taking some photos with what now looks like it was from a 1980's Polaroid (See below), and was also nodding his head on occasions.

More feedback from students at Blakehurst high school

I was speaking through a microphone that was attached to a wire, so I had to shift it around and dance with the cord during my youth speakers talk. I like to speak with a lapel (hands free) because I get passionate and use my hand a bit. They didn't have one though, so no biggie, I just had to juggle it as well as my presentation pointer.


After the talk, I'm always excited for questions. The students of Blakehurst high school didn't fail to deliver when it came to deep questions, and I happily answers those for about 20 mins before getting the wind up from Roula..


Afterwards the students lined up for photos, and then different teachers came up thanking me and letting me know that they thought my talk was incredible for their students.

When it was all said and done, Matt gave me his run down and I was ecstatic with his feedback.

Maybe he'll get me back again to speak to his staff :-)

After the talk, I checked my phone and had a few hundred new followers on Insta (check my Insta here), messages, and tagged photos and stories.

My favorite part is always hearing the insight from the students, and afterwards I sat in a cafe (again) and read each one with a huge smile on my face and a buzz of gratitude.

Next stop is a guest motivational speakers for schools tour of Victoria. I'll be speakers for primary schools, youth speaker for high schools, teacher stress workshop facilitator, and hold a couple of talks for parents.

Here's to a successful trip ahead.

I wish you all peace of mind x



Guest speakers for schools, & youth motivational speakers, Luke S. Kennedy is Australia's most requested speakers for primary schools, high schools, corporate key note speaker, and one of the happiest people of all time (and pretty humble hahaha).


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