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SVPC - Darwin Youth Summit | Speakers For Schools


I recently travelled to Darwin as guest motivational speaker at a student summit - SVPC Student Voice Positive choice.


The event was a full day, where a select bunch of school students from 14 schools, across the northern territory region, gathered to get ideas on how to improve their school's culture and promote students to use their voices for the positive.


The last few months have been huge, and I'm incredibly grateful that I've been able to visit some beautiful spots in our amazing country.


I've never been to Darwin, so was excited for the event and also to visit a new town.


My flight left Sydney for an hour stop over in Brisbane before a few hours flight to Darwin.


Flying over our beautiful country, I smiled, as I often do when I stop and take note of how cool life is.

I was flying to a new part of our beautiful country to be the keynote guest speakers for schools, and make a positive change to a community.


First things first though, so when landing, the first thing I do is locate the nearest gym. Hitting the gym is something I love. It's my time to detach from the world, quiet my mind, and get my endorphins flowing. When travelling as one of Australia's top motivational speakers, things can get pretty full on. Catching flights, hire cars, rushing to spots, meeting a whole bunch of new people, and not to mention, giving every bit of my energy into an eager audience. The gym settles all of this for me.


I found a nice gym right across the road from apartment... WINNING!




Motivational speakers for schools, Luke S. Kennedy


After exploring the main street of Dawin city, which I loved, it was time to hit the bed in prep for a massive day ahead!


Before the trip I was liaising with the principal of Bakewell Primary School, and organiser of the event, Paul Nyhuis. Sometimes when speaking to people over the phone, you feel an instant connection... this was definitely the case with Paul, and after hearing his thoughts, and obvious passion, I knew this event was going to be something special. And I wasn't wrong.


Getting a taxi (no Ubers in Darwin) to the event, I was looking forward to meeting Paul and also his team of special ladies who I also had been chatting with beforehand. Again, I could feel the passion they had for helping their community.


Entering The Rydges, I walked into the function room already filled with a buzzing energy. Round tables were immaculately designed with custom SVPC shirts, backpacks, water bottles, and work pads, all ready to go for the arrival of the students.


I met the beautiful ladies who I had been speaking with leading up to the event. Feeling their warm welcome, I was eager to get into the day and make a big impact for the event they've obviously put a huge amount of effort into.


Being a guest speaker for corporate events, schools, and charities, I've had the privilege to meet some great people. I was about to meet another one, as Paul Nyhuis entered the room. He was a strong build man and walked with intent. His intention for that day was to start a strong movement for his community, starting with this inaugural youth summit.

I'm big on energy/vibes, and shaking his hand, I could feel how genuine he was, and the language both of us used about how we can help ouryouth, I felt that strong connection.


Life is cool.

Guest Speakers for schools, Luke S. Kennedy

The day went perfect! Like I said earlier, I've been speaking at different events for the past few year now, and I can honestly say that this event was not only the best planned, but the input, open mindedness, and energy from the students, was something I haven't witnessed. After the event I chatted with Paul and told him how grateful I was to be a part of the special day. SVPC is a fantastic initiative, and it has already started improving the lives of their students and community. I can't wait to hear about the shifts in energy that this program will promote. 

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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