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Karningul Speakers For Schools | Luke S. Kennedy | Youth Motivational Speakers Sydney



Motivational Speakers for primary schools and Anti-Bullying Advocate, Luke S. Kennedy, recently spoke at Karningul Behavioral School (yr 5-8). Luke's focus was on resilience, Bullying Prevention (self-bullying & self-care), and how worrying what other people think can seriously effect our lives.

After speaking at Regents Park Primary School a few weeks back, a neighbouring school, Karingul, heard about the connection and impact I had on students and asked me to visit their school. Karigul is a behavioral school for yr 5 - 8.  Growing up I went a similar program in Hurstville, so it was nice to visit, and inspire, those that I connect with. 

The last couple of years being a motivational speaker for high schools and speaker for teens I've watched countless students progress and change their lives and thought processes. I wonder if if i had seen a speaker like myself back in my harsh times if it would have saved me from the harshness i went through. It's all about planting seeds, so it no doubt would have helped.

Throughout these few years a couple of primary schools have enquired to have me visit their school as a motivational speaker but when it came to booking me in, most would pull out. They had heard of the change I was creating but were then hesitant because of some of my content.  I'm well aware that a lot of my content is pretty heavy, though I'm also able to adjust things to still make a big impact without scaring the primary school students. 

I was taken out of my comfort zone when first asked, and booked in, to speak to younger students (yr 4,5,6). During the talk though I can gage how far to push it or whether I have to pull it back a little. After the first talk to primary school students, teachers and the kids were ecstatic with the talk. It was incredible the amount of questions there was after the talk and then follow up messages kept that buzzing energy flowing. 

I now love the fact that I'm a motivational speaker for primary school students and speaker for youth.  I've heard that a lot of motivational speakers Australia have a bit of a routine they follow in preparation to speak at schools. I'm sort of the same. I like to have a chilled morning and briefly go over my slides. 

People ask if I'm more nervous as a corporate motivational speakers or youth speaker. I don't get nervous but I'm a lot more comfortable as a motivational speaker for schools. I'm a big kid myself and love connecting with and inspiring our youth.

“Luke ..... Thank You!

Luke came to Regents Park Primary School where I am Assistant Principal. I was nervous. Knew he'd be great but didn't know how great and engaging he would be with the younger kids... My Year 4, 5 and 6's were gobsmacked in the best possible way. Luke had these kids eating out of his to speak. They loved his narrative, I loved his narrative, my Staff loved his narrative. Two Staff members had tears... Today we were buzzing with scenarios- is that a Luke thing to do? Kids got him- he gets kids. Kids are the tomorrow. Thanks for helping our tomorrow LUKE! Really appreciate your work from the heart!”


- Helen Ganis, Assistant Principal, Regents Park Primary.

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Luke travels Australia as the best youth motivational speakers. Book him now to inspire your students.

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