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Motivational Speakers - 10 Years in

Many talks this year have resulted in some kind, loving, deep, inspiring, and even the odd sad messages received afterwards. As motivational speaker, it’s very special to receive feedback as it gives me an understanding of what’s connecting & also allows me to connect deeper with those that have ultimately changed after the talk & who are hungry for more. 



I never believed I’d be seen as one of Australia’s best motivational speakers but I thank God to be in the position I’m in.


It didn’t look promising when I first started if I’m being honest. I was socially awkward back then and didn’t think I had it in me to speak to school students and then go on to be a keynote speaker for events and businesses! What a trip.



It’s been a huge 10 years travelling across Australia and speaking with audiences from all demographics. I’ve had the opportunity to speak and inspire students as young as Yr 3 all the way up to big corporations like being keynote speaker for businesses - Optus, NRL, ANZ, Channel 9, just to name a few.



You might ask how I can make an impact on such a vast range of people… I do PG my story & content for primary schools, but it doesn’t really matter much what the outside is like, we all have similar internal battles going on, but they’re just expressed differently.



I connect firstly with my story which loosens and opens the audience up. This gives me a bit of respect and presence, I then weave the messages of Resilience, mental health, authenticity, self-awareness, motivation, quality relationships, and a heap of other messages throughout. There’s a bit of a dance between content and story in the talk which keeps the connection, and then give them some actionable steps they can use to take home.



One of the best parts is opening up for questions. I love all types of questions and over the years some of them have really blown my mind with insight and openness.


My heart is with speaking with the kids, but that being said, it’s unbelievably cool to be a motivational speakers for adults too. I speak at businesses, events, teacher conferences, and love every bit of it.Looking back on my first talk in 2024, I again thank God for the journey he’s taken me on.


If you have an upcoming event please get in touch and we can work out the best outcome!

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Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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