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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy

"I had the absolute best day last Tuesday. The feedback from staff has been amazing and there is a really positive vibe going on here. You are so good at what you do and you are so true to yourself. I have felt different over the last week, calmer, happier, more PRESENT! And, kinder to myself."
Jennifer Honner, Principal, St Xavier's Gunnedah

I know, I know... I've said it many times that this trip away was something special. I'll say it again... this resilience speakers trip away was out of this world.

Covering three different states, I was speakers for resilience in NSW, motivational speakers for schools in Victoria, and resilience speakers for schools in Queensland.


Before going into the details of the time away, here is a quick overview on the schools and sessions.


First stop

Full day staff PD event for the teachers of St Xaviers primary school, Gunnedah NSW


Second stop

Resilience speakers for schools at Coonamble NSW primary school where I had two motivational speakers presentations for year 3-4 & then 5-6. After hours I held a teacher self care session and then was guest mental health speakers for a parent/Community event


Third stop

Resilience speakers at Camden high school NSW where I visit every year for their life ready program.


Fourth spot

Motivational speakers for schools at Oatley Campus NSW. I also visit them every year for their life ready program.


Fifth spot

Resilience speaker for primary schools at Eurongilly Victoria. I held a zoom session for multiple schools down that way.


Sixth spot

Motivational speakers for schools at Willoughby girls high school NSW where I spoke with their YR9 students.


Seventh spot

Motivational speakers for resilience at Mount Beauty Secondary College Victoria. I held my resilience speakers presentation for the whole school, a teacher stress session after hours, and then a mental health speakers event in the evening for the parents.


Eighth spot

Corporate guest speaker at Woolworths where I spoke at a team conference in Sydney.


Tenth spot

Resilience speaker for schools at Mt Maria College, Petrie, Queensland, where I spoke with the YR 9-12 students 


Eleventh spot

Youth speakers for schools at Unity College Caloundra, Queensland, where I spoke with the students of Yr 9


Twelfth spot

Resilience speaker for schools at Ignatius Park College Queensland. I held 3 keynote speeches with the students & then a parent community mental health speaker event.


Okay... now that's out of the way, let's get into how this incredible few weeks went. 


The first spot in Gunnedah was honestly one of the most beautiful days I've had the privilege to facilitate. It was a full day with the wholesome staff of the school. The day was 3 x 90 minute sessions.

I held my keynote in the first session which gives me a strong connection with the audience. As I was being introduced by principal, Jennifer Honner, I knew instantly it was going to be one of those special days. The way she spoke from the heart, and with some cheekiness, I knew her energy & attitude would be reflected throughout her staff - it all starts at the top.

I wasn't wrong. There was even a couple of laughs and jokes before I started which set the tone for the day.

With a whole heap of nodding heads throughout the initial session, after it I was approached by many of the staff who openly shared their insight and personal stories. That right there is what it's all about  :-) 

The second and third session are all about the staff and what they can do (or stop doing) that'll improve their mental health and connection with themselves. Doing this increases the connection they have with their families and students.

Usually after a big of Being a motivational speaker, I'm pretty drained, after this full day though, I was so fulfilled and happy. What a great day!



I then had a few hours drive to my next spot to be resilience speakers for primary schools at Coonamble NSW.

After a deep and rested sleep I woke early to  find a cafe to catch up on some emails and grab a big feed for the day ahead. I like chilling out at cafes and I love it even more  in little country towns where I get to listen in on some gossip and get a feel for the place.

After having a big feed I arrived at Coonamble and met with Gai Gilmore who I was excited to meet. We had been chatting a lot over emails and it was great to finally meet her in person.

I had two sessions with the primary school students. I love when there's smaller groups as it allows for closer interaction and question time. Don't get me wrong, the large motivational speakers for schools talks are just as great and I'm able to hold a strong connection throughout, so they work perfecto too  :-)


After the student sessions, there was a heap of questions which I thoroughly enjoy!


I had about an hour before my teacher session so I rested and had a bite to eat.

After my rest another bunch of beautiful staff came into the room for an amazing session..


Admittedly I was pretty tired and hungry after the teacher session so I needed to rest and find some food. I found a spot that was cooking baked dinners, so I was pretty happy to indulge in one of those.


Sitting at dinner I actually met two parents that were eating before coming to the parent event. Their kids were there who were only just filling them in on how great my talk was. That was a pretty cool moment.


Arriving back at the school it was an intimate bunch of parents which allowed us all to get super deep.


Throughout the day I realised that I didn't plan my schedule too well. I was finishing the talk at 7:30PM but then had a 6 and a half hour drive to my accommodation in Cronulla  before an early drive to be resilience speakers at Camden High school.

I thought I could make the trip back but after a big couple of days speaking, by the time it reached midnight I was super tired and close to doing micro sleeps while driving. I still had 3 hours drive to go, and after checking some motels, there was no way I was going to find a reception open at that time. 

I decided to pull over in a dark spot and sleep in the car. 

It was super cold, and after sleeping on and off for 7 hours, I woke and drove to a brekky spot for a much needed feed and coffee. I was just going to go straight to my talk at Camden High school so brushed my teeth in the service station toilet. Gotta do what you gotta do 


Arriving as speakers on resilience at Camden High school, I was feeling  a mix between excitement, tired, grubby, and happy to catch up with organiser of the event  Juston Garland who I see each year when I speak there.


It was a single talk at Camden High school so afterwards I drove straight to my accommodation in Cronulla, had a long and hot shower, some uber eats, and then slept for over 10 much needed hours.


I woke super fresh the next morning for a day as motivational speakers for schools at Oatley Campus NSW. I was holding two sessions at Oatley and was excited to do so. I visit Oatley Campus every year for their Life Ready program & it's always a bit of an emotional spot to speak at. 

After running a business in Oatley for many years, I had a huge amount of memories there.


The two talks went great & I'm already looking forward to getting back there.


Okay... now it was time for some R&R over the weekend. I moved accommodation to the eastern suburbs and spent the weekend swimming, cafe hopping, and going to the gym. Perfect!!!



My next speakers on resilience for primary schools was on the Monday and Via Zoom. It was for schools in country NSW where a whole bunch of small country schools jumped on the session. After speaker with organisers, I was told it was rare they got to have the opportunity to have presenters for their students being in such remote locations with small numbers.

Happy to say the session went fantastic and the students asked some deep and thought provoking questions.


I had another couple of days off which was super welcoming.


My next  motivational speakers for schools presentation was at Willoughby Girls High school.

The session was for the YR 9 students. I had spoken there before so it was great to be invited back.

I recorded the session (which I rarely do) and posted some of it HERE


After the resilience speakers for schools talk at Willoughby Girls High school I had a few days to relax before driving down to Mount Beauty which is just a few hours over the Victorian border. 

Driving down there gave me a lot of time to reflect on the beautiful moments over the past few weeks. I love what I do.

I drove down to Gundagai which was a few hours north of Mount Beauty. I booked two nights there so I wouldn't make the same mistake where I'd have to sleep in my car if I got too tired.


Waking early the next morning I drove to Mount Beauty which definitely lived up to its name. What a stunning place! A little town with picturesque mountains hugging the area. 


I arrived at the local community centre where the resilience speakers talk for the students was being held. It was for the whole school which was a couple of hundred students  


The connection was strong and afterwards the students asked some insightful questions. 

I then had a sleep in my car to have a little rest before the staff PD facilitator session.


After the staff session I had another snooze (It was a big few weeks of speaking) and then held a parent/community mental health speakers event. 


The parent session was another special evening. One parents asked during the talk "we should be paying for this... It feels like a therapy session". Gotta love that feedback  :-)



The session  went over by about an hour because we all sat and chatted afterwards and it got pretty deep!


Finishing late, I'm glad I booked the spot in Gundagai already which was only a few hours north.


I got to have a couple days of chill time (more cafes and gym) before a big corporate event for Woolworths. It's a bit of a trip to think that I was invited to be resilience speakers for corporate events at one of Australia's largest companies!

I don't really get nervous anymore when speaking, but I was definitely feeling that extra bit of excitement when arriving at Redfern's carriageworks where I was holding the talk.

The talk was sensational! Afterwards there was some tears and shared perspectives... life's cool!



Straight from the mental health speaker event for Woolies, I had the drive back up north to head home.

I stayed at my incredible sisters place on the way home which was great to spend some time with her and my nieces.


Chilling out at home for a few days was a welcoming rest. I then had my motivational speakers for schools at Maria College, Petrie, Queensland.

After this talk I had a wholesome moment with one of the students who was crying and kept hugging me. He kept saying that the talk really got him. Loved that moment.


I drove back down to home for a day before leaving again to head up to Unity College, Caloundra. I was holding a single session for the year 9 students there.


There's been a new level of connection with the students who have been thirsty for knowledge.

This season was exactly that!

I chatted with organisers afterwards who were already discussing about getting me back to speak with another year group and the parents. 


I had to leave Unity College pretty quickly to get to Brisbane airport for a flight to Townsville.


Arriving in Townsville the night before a full day and evening as resilience speakers for schools Queensland, I passed out early for the big day  ahead.


Organising the event, I had been chatting with a great man, John Deere, who was head of Pastoral Care. We were 50 emails deep into organising the event! With postponement due to many different factors, we finally got there!

I arrived at the school while there was a school assembly underway.

After the assembly finished I stepped up to the plate for the first session of four. 

The day went exceptionally well! All the students were fantastic and open to discussing life. There was also a heap of questions which I always love.


The evening talk with the parents was out of this world! It was the most amount of parents I've had in one of my parent evenings which is a true testament to the culture at Ignatius Park College.


So... I'm now on a plane to the next spot in Sydney to speak with a bunch of police officers.


I'll keep you updated on that in my next blog post.



I'll keep you updated on that in my next blog post.


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