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Dee Why | Speakers For Schools | Luke S. Kennedy


Being a guest motivational speaker for schools, and events, I've got to speak, and meet, a large range of different people. A demographic I'm extremely passionate about helping, are those that are going through a tough time, or have fallen of the rails, or been getting into some trouble. The reason I like speaking with this bunch, is I relate well and create a strong, and lasting, impact.

It doesn't matter the demographic though, I still make a strong connection because my talks are focused on the same internal battles that we all suffer from.

Recently being invited by Dee Why police to speak to a small bunch of kids that needed some help with direction and motivation, I was extra pumped after speaking with the organiser. Police officer, Alana Saxton, had an obvious passion for helping youth, and the way she spoke about the students in the course that she put together, you would've thought she was speaking about her own kids. 

I love people that love helping people, and Alana is one of those.

I love in Brisbane now, so a short flight to Sydney, then an hour drive to Barrenjoey High, I was set to go. A couple of the teachers were worried that we'd have no shows because there was a climate change strike happening in the city. To the credit of those in the group, which was evidence of their commitment and loyalty, there was no one absent due to the strike.

With a semi circle type set up, I spoke to eager faces, and was pumped to see nodding heads, and deep breaths. I was hitting some deep points that were obviously getting through to their fresh minds.

Being a guest speaker, I love Q&A time, and this was no different. It reveals encouraging insight, and also their cheekiness.

I'm honoured, that as a motivational speaker (and just a human), I receive some messages that give me goosebumps. I received this beautiful message from a young lady;

"Hi Luke, i was one of the girls listening to you at barrenjoey high today and i just wanted to say thank you so much for coming in. your story was amazing and i’m so happy you came because i really needed to hear something like that, i took a lot of time thinking after school if i was under a mask, turns out i was. not quite like yours but i realised and listened to myself that it’s something i don’t want to be, i too have also realised i’ve been living off people opinions and when you asked yourself what for? in my head i was thinking of myself, what was i really doing trying to impress other people for? 
for a while i’ve been contemplating wether or not i should cut my hair. i was always scared because of what people think and wether THEYRE going to like it or not and i was so inspired by your talk i’m cutting it short next week. that was truly the most amazing talk i’ve experienced and i will never forget the words you spoke today. thank you so much ❤️"

That's what all of this is all about!


Being a self-awareness speaker (more commonly known as a motivational speaker) it's allowed me to meet with, and creative a positive impact on countless people's lives.


I'm incredibly grateful to be able to use my past as an advantage. No doubt we all go through some tough times, and life can be shitty at times... though, if you look at these things that have happened with a slight shift in perspective, and not play the victim, these harsh experiences may be used as an advantage for yours, and others, lives.


Have a look x

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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