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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Mental Health Speakers | QLD, NSW,VIC | Luke Kennedy

"After almost 20 years in education, he is the most inspiring student guest speaker that I have heard."

I know I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again, but that was a huge trip away as resilience speakers for schools across Australia.

There was some deep and beautiful moment, tears, laughs, and breakthroughs. Reading over some of the messages I've received during the 3 weeks away as mental health speakers for schools, it really opens my heart.

There was a tangible shift in the students. They're coming from a deep perspective and they're open to evolving, listening, and sharing their insight. It's beautiful to be a part of.

As guest speakers and resilience speakers for schools, I reached 3 different states in 3 weeks. QLD, VIC, and NSW.

I was speaker in Sydney, Brisbane, and all across the states.

The 3 week motivational speaker mission away looked like...

  • Irymple Secondary College VIC - 2 full days as mental health speaker for high school students.

  • Killdare College in Wagga NSW - 1 guest speakers presentation for students in Yr9

  • St Mary's Primary School Dubbo - 2 motivational speakers for primary school talks for students in yrs 3-6

  • Gunnedah Community talk on mental health speakers, self care, resilience 

  • Narromine Christian School NSW where I spoke with Yrs 3-6

  • Kingsgrove NSW High schools where I was resilience speakers for yr 11 students & then Motivational speaker for yr 12 students

  • Al Sadiq in Greenacre NSW - I was mental health speakers for students in Yr 10

  • Berkeley Primary school - I held 2 motivational speakers talks where I spoke with Yrs 3-6

  • Holy Family Parramatta Sydney - Guest Speaker for primary school students Yrs 3-6

  • Balgowlah Boys Campus - Resilience speakers for Yrs 8-9

  • Cessnock Primary school speakers - Yrs 3-6

  • St Philip's Christian School, Cessnock as a motivational speaker for Yrs 10-12

  • Maitland Grossman high school speakers for Yr 11

  • Mount Cotton State School QLD speaker for schools

Like I said, it was a big mission away & one that I will always remember.

Traveling around speaking allows me to meet some beautiful people, visit towns I've never been to (or heard of), and inspire groups of people to be the best versions of themselves. To raise the individual is to raise the collective. 

I'm grateful to be in position I am and to have the access of my story and lessons to help others in need.

Life is cool x

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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