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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Mental Health Speakers Sydney High Schools

Motivational Speakers Sydney Luke Kennedy

"Hi Luke, I wanted to message you and say that your talk has inspired me to make changes in my life. First I'm going to stop hanging around friends who make me feel bad about myself. Thank you!" - Student 

This tour as a motivational speakers Sydney was a little different. I had a side kick with me.. my new beautiful fiancé. Wait… I had two new side kicks with me - she brought the cat.


Usually as a resilience motivational speakers I’m travelling around alone. I like my alone time when travelling around, but having my fiancé with me, was sooooo much better!


The trip ahead was a short one.



Motivational speakers for high schools at Wadalba Central School where I was resilience speakers for the students in years 7-9



Mental health speakers at Tuggerah secondary college.

2x Motivational speakers for year 12 students

1x Staff PD workshop facilitator.



We drove down from up north to a family event on Sunday. The drive was about 6 hours which was easy done with the company in the car :-)


Celebrating my sisters birthday and catching up with family on the Sunday was special. A day full of laughs & love.


My fiancé and I (and the cat) then headed to Terrigal to an Airbnb that we booked for the time down there as resilience motivational speakers at schools.


With no event on the Monday, it gave us the chance to chill out. With things being so busy, I’ve been away a lot! So it was a pleasure to chill out with the Mrs.


Usually I’d be eating out every meal while I’m away as a speaker, but She’s an amazing cook, and loves it, so it was a great change to be able to have home cooked meals while we were away.


Waking early on the Tuesday, we headed to a cafe to read our bibles over a coffee. The talk at Wadalba wasn’t until 11 so we could relax into the day. 


After our coffee we headed to Wadalba Central School and when arriving at the office we met with the teacher who was planning the event.


We were both (cat left at home) taken to the hall to set up. Plugging my laptop into the HDMI I was ready to go.


The students came rolling in - all 600 of them! And sat on the floor. I like it best when the students are in seats as it’s more comfortable for them and allows for the connection to be easier. It wasn’t an option this time so I had my work cut out for me.


My beautiful fiancé went and sat out the back and watched on. I like to get a connection with a few of the students before the talk begins. I do this by a little convo, and head nod, or even a fist bump. When the students witness this, it gives me a bit of street cred and respect before we’ve started.


Pretty soon I was being introduced and for the hour, I was proud of all the students who were present, well behaved, and then asked some big questions after a loud applause. The first student who asked a question is usually rewarded with a free book. This time it took a while for the first one to open up, but when he did, he was given my book, Redemption Road.


Heaps of the students came up afterwards to chat and open up about their own stuff. It happens a lot after being motivational speakers for high schools.

We got some cool photos too, and a couple even hit me up for a free book. I love when they do that, it shows confidence in asking for something & also gets them used to people saying “no” hahaha. I do give freebies here and there, but if I’m away on tour, the books I have are minimal so can’t just thrown em around.


Not long after the talk, I looked at Insta and already had a heap of messages from the students. I love so many elements to my speaking, but hearing instant breakthroughs is right up there with my favourite parts.


After the talk, we went for a stroll and went back to our accomodation for a sensational lunch (did I mention she’s a great cook!?!?).


The next morning was a bit of a rush. The efirst speakers for high schools talk was starting early (8:10!), and we had to clean the crib before checking out.


Getting everything sorted and with the help from my side kick, we arrived at the school on time. When I say on time, I mean half an hour before start time. I like to get in half an hour before, to set up and also get some deep breaths in. My nervous system can be pretty electric when arriving at a school so I make sure I give myself the time to settle before the talks.


My amazing fiancé left for the day to go down to Sydney to tie up some loose ends after moving up with me a couple months ago. 


The first group of year 12 students rocked in for their Life Ready facilitator program. I’m mental health speakers Australia for many schools in their Life Ready Program, and it’s one I love being a part of.


The talk was help in their auditorium and for the whole hour, the full room sat in compete silence and contemplation as the talk was underway.


Afterwards I nearly sold out of books as a bunch of keen students rushed the stage to chat and buy copies. So good!


After a little rest, the second bunch of year 12 students came in to hear the talk. It was exactly the same as the first! What a day filled with inspirational and meaningful students!


I had about 2 hours before having the staff PD event, so I went and had a 30 mins massage. My back was pretty tight after a big training session, and with the 7 hour drive home that evening, I wanted to loosen up… and.. I just love a massage.



Arriving back at the school, pretty soon all the teachers and staff came rolling in for the Staff

PD event.

It’s always a deep event with plenty of nods of heads and a lot of laughs too. After the session a heap of the teachers came up and thanked me and told me is was such perfect timing for them. It was needed! 



The event closed up just as the Mrs arrived from Sydney and we jumped in the car for the long drive back home.


What a great time on the central coast!

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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