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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Motivational Speakers Luke Kennedy

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Being a motivational speakers Australia I’ve  had the opportunity to meet some beautiful people. This speakers for resilience trip to Longreach was no different. The people I got to meet were so wholesome and inspiring! 


Let me go back to the start…

We had been organising the trip to Longreach for over 12 months. There was some rescheduling going on, and with the councils upcoming Big Day in event, it was the perfect opportunity to get to Longreach and speak at many spots and different audiences.


How the trip looked..


Arrive in Longreach on the Wednesday arvo for a parent/community talk in the eve.



Motivational Speakers for schools event for Yrs 7-9


Speakers on Resilience for Yrs 10-12


Motivational speakers for primary schools Yrs 3-6



The Big Day in corporate speakers event for the council

(Also a sneaky radio interview for ABC radio before it)


I drove up and arrived at Brisbane airport at about 9:30 for a 11am flight. The flight was 3 hours due to a short stop off in Blackall.

Stopping off in Blackall we then had a 30 min flight to Longreach.


Arriving at Longreach I met one of the organisers, who was a ball of fun, Liz.


She gave me a short tour of town, dropped into the council to meet some of the staff, and then was taken to my accomodation to check in and have a shower before the motivational speakers event. 


I had a nice shower and then got ready to be walk across to the Civic centre. Usually as a resilience speakers I have a hire car when I’m away, but with everything so central in Longreach, there was no need. 


I arrived at the Covid centre with my suitcase full of books and met with another incredible woman, Sandra. Both Liz and Sandra were my style of people - chilled, funny, and very welcoming. 


We had a big chat before another cool woman, Heather, came into the room.


Heather was from the ABC and we had been trying to organise an interview leading up to the event via phone. We couldn’t do so so we just planned on doing that interview in person while I was in town.


The 4 of us chatted away as other attendees arrived and pretty soon I was in my element and speaking.

The talk went great, and even though it was a small bunch, the connection and outcomes was very good!


Afterwards I went back to my room for a snooze before a big Thursday ahead.


I woke early and went to a local cafe for breakfast and to catch up on some emails.

When I’m away speaking getting back to enquiries can be a bit scattered, so whenever I get a chance, I get straight into them.

I do need to look at getting someone on board to help out more, but for now, I can manage it.


After brekky, my homegirl Liz picked me up and too my to the first spot - Longreach Central school to be motivational speakers for high school students.

Both talks went extremely well & after some students purchased a book, I was dropped back off at my accommodation to chill for half an hour before speakers on bullying primary school talk.


The primary school speakers talk was for numerous schools coming from far around the community. It was a big bunch, but I can honestly say it was one of my favourite speakers for primary schools events. 

All of the students were super responsive, behaved, connected, and shared some great insight and asked some special questions. 

Even the teachers were super involved and shared what they got out of the talk. I left there buzzing and extremely grateful for the day! 


I had a nice dinner at a spoke called Henry’s. I had for the first time, lamb belly! It was like pork belly but lamb (duhhh).


After dinner, I went back to the room to settle a bit. After a big day of speaking I can be pretty buzzed,  so need some time to chill before bed.


Friday!!! The Big Day in event for council. But first… an ABC interview with Heather. 

After meeting Heather at the parent/community talk, I knew the interview was going to be great. I wasn’t wrong! We already had a good connection so the interview went smoothly.


I then had to head back to my accommodation to pack up & get ready for the big corporate event speakers event.


I arrived at the hall and was met by the two other speakers Robyn Neilson & OLD MATE! It’s rare I meet other speakers, and I’m always super keen to do so. Both were filled with wholesomeness, energy, and were very welcoming. 

I was looking forward to the day, of course to speak, but also see other speakers doing their thing!


Robyn was up first and she told her breathtaking story and gave some solid advice in safety & preparation. 

Check her story Here 




Pretty soon I was being introduced to the large hall of people and away I went. 

I can honestly say it was one of the special ones.

The whole event was well planned, filled with unbelievably amazing people - the audience, organisers, MC, and other speakers all played a part in making the day an outstanding success!


After my talk, a heap of people bought my books, and then I got to sit down and watch OLD MATE speak. He was such a great speaker and was able to hold the audience well.

I then went for a feed before heading back to the event. I gave Sandra & Liz a big thankful hug. They’re the best!


Robyn, the other speaker was heading to the airport, so I grabbed a lift off her and had the chance to chat and get to know her  more. What kind, strong, courage woman! 


Best trip!!!

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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