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Motivational Speaker for High Schools & Youth Inspirational speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, created a huge impact at Chifley College, Mount Druitt.

I was recently invited to be guest youth motivational speaker for High School, Mount Druitt. It was at Chiffley college Senior Campus. After chatting with organisers for the event I was confident that my talk would impact their students.


As an anti-bullying speaker I have a different angle on things. I also speak about drug and alcohol, and resilience. I do this through my own experience. My ‘cool’ stories gets the students glued to my talk and my messaging helps them to better understand their thoughts and actions

“Thank you Luke, today I have realized a lot about myself. A lot of the time I worry about what people think and think I have to live up to labels. I’m going to stop doing that. I want to be happy.” – Student, Chifley College, Mount Druitt.

It was a stinking hot day and the talk was after lunch time so the students were a little restless as they entered the hall to listen to my talk. My opening sentence got their full attention and for the next 45 minutes you can hear a pin drop in the auditorium.

Being a youth motivational speaker in Australia, I talk about the labels that effected my life and also explain how worrying what other people think almost had me killed and made me seriously depressed and anxious. Youth depression and anxiety is on the increase due to the kids not knowing who they are. They’re searching for where to fit in and can’t understand why their minds are so frantic. Trying to live up to certain labels is severely effecting their happiness and also successes in every area. We have to show them ways to get back to their true happy selves – away from labels, away from worrying what other people think.

I do have some harsh stories but these stories work well with my delivery. It brings out the audiences emotions and also gets their attention. A couple of the stories related to the devastating outcomes from drugs – I witnesses a friend drop dead in front of me from consuming a single ecstasy tablet. I also watched a drunken young friend being run over by a train which ripped his arm and half his other hand off.

As a youth speaker Sydney my aim is to show what living a fake life will get you; misery, depression, anxiety, social awkwardness, and a lack of happy experiences. I then show the kids what my life is like now after giving all that stuff up and being my genuine self; pure happiness and ultimate success.

My life now is filled with happiness and fun. I show the students cool photos of what my life is like now and leave the room inspired to better their lives.

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Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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