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Motivational Speakers for Kids | Luke Kennedy | NSW Speaker Tour


I know I've said it a million times before, but my passion as a motivational speaker for kids, is something that I can't be more thankful for.

Our youth is in the process of a huge mindset shift, and I love the fact that I can be a part of that. As a motivational speaker for kids, I get to speak across the country at schools, events, and also parent evenings and teacher stress workshop.


This shift in the minds of our youth is needed, and it's come at a point where there really is no other option but to evolve. I've spoken in other blogs, and videos about why we've reached a breaking point mentally, and being in my position as a speaker for youth, I've not only seen the dramatic need for change, but it's allowed me to view this change starting to take place.


My recent motivational speakers for schools Sydney tour, saw me speaking across Sydney and beyond.

It was a short tour, only 3 days, but was filled with lasting change.


The 3 days were


motivational speakers for kids at  St Peter’s Catholic College in Tuggerah. Yr 8 students


Motivational speaker for youth at Camden High school. This was for the students in Yr 11, followed by a reducing teacher stress workshop.


I was guest speakers for schools at Gosford high school for yr 9 boys, and then a trip further nth to speak at Greta Primary school yrs 3 - 6

Landing into Sydney on Tuesday, it was a really heavy, and scary, start to the week. My older brother had his first child, and there was some complications with the birth. The family were all shaken up and obviously desperate for some good news. It's all okay now, and I'm the happiest person of all time to report that my little nephew, Ruben Jnr, is happy, healthy, and a new fresh spark for our family.

Waking up early on Wednesday morning to a beautiful photo of him looking perfect, the feeling from seeing that, was unmatched.


With a huge skip in my step, I was picked up by a friend of mine, and after having some brekky we headed up to the central coast as I was motivational speakers for kids at St Peter's Catholic college, Tuggerah. I was invited by a teacher who had seen me speak in front of her and a thousand other teachers at The SEPLA conference last year.

Arriving at the school, I had packed a good amount of my book, Stabbed Ego, as the school said they would purchase some to put in their library.

Leading up to my visit I discussed some of the issues with the organiser that the students were facing and I couldn't wait to rip in.

The students came rolling in and it's another part of the talk that I love. Nothing matches the energy of a couple of hundred young adults walking into a hall. I stand at the front, and just soak it all up.

Some students wave to me, others smile, and they sit in preparation for an hour and a bit listening to myself speak, and expand their minds.


Being introduced as motivational speaker Luke Kennedy, always spins me out a bit.


Having one talk in a day (sometimes I have 4!!), is nice for me, and it resulted in me giving it my all. I mean, don't get me wrong, I give it my all in every motivational speakers for schools talk, but having the single talk, I go for a bit longer and really drive my points home.

After my talk, there was a huge applause, and then another favourite part of mine, question time.

I get a big mixed bag during question time, and I love and appreciate every one of the questions.

The students ask some big ones that open my mind even further, and it's really more of a discussion than me answering questions. I love feedback and chatting with them.

Question time went for about half and hour, and then after another applause the teacher asked the students who would be interested in reading my book, Stabbed Ego. Majority of the students put their hands up so the organiser asked if I had double the amount they previously asked for.

I sure did  :-)

Can't wait to hear some of the feedback from the students.

Speaking of which... I generally get a truckload of messages from the students after my motivational speakers for kids talks, though this time it was tougher for the students to message me. I deactivated my social media accounts last week, just to reconnect to myself a little more and clear the mind (why there's not many photos in this blog compared to other tours).


Thursday I wasn't due to speak at Camden until 12, so I had the morning free. This gave me time to head to a local yoga studio in Oatley. After a beautiful class, I headed for the 45 min drive to Camden. On the way to Camden I received a call from my aunty who lives there. She also used to work at Camden high. She was really excited at the possibility of watching a bit of my talk. She said she couldn't make the student talk, but would sit in on a bit of the teacher stress workshop.

With rules and regulations about people visiting schools, I was hoping she'd be able to sit in. She assured me that because she used to work there, she knew the ladies in the office and got the all clear. This made me happy.


I arrived at the school and had a quick bite to eat, and then was escorted by one of the students to the library. All the year 11 students were already seated, and it seemed the DP (deputy principal), was buying time waiting for me. I freaked out for a second and thought I had got that timing wrong. Quickly checking my emails, I was all good, still 15 min early. The amazing DP told me that the timing from person organising my talk was not correct. At least it wasn't my fault haha.


The DP then introduced me, "motivational speaker for kids Luke Kennedy" and away I went.

Speaking to the older years, I can use deep content, and even get a little colorful with my language.

I saw some students nodding their heads and could tell they were getting hit deeply.

I also looked over to my left, and was ecstatic to see my beautiful aunty who was proudly smiling at me. That made me so happy!


After my talk, again, a huge applause, and then some beautiful and insightful questions.

I walked into the staff room after, and the teachers were telling me that they've never seen the students sit so intently and it was the loudest applause they've heard. While chatting to the teachers, I was interrupted (best interruption ever!!) by a young man.

"I just wanted to come and say thank you so much for that. It really got me deep. I'm in the process of change. I've made mistakes, but learning from them. That talk really got me. Thank you."


I gave him a hug and told him I want to hear from him in the future and for him to tell me how much butt he's kicking in life. He promised me he would.


I had about 30 min before the teacher stress workshop, and during this time, the DP told me that after witnessing my talk, and hearing feedback from students, that during her entire career, it was the best motivational speakers for schools talk she's seen.

I don't say that humbly, because I'm super proud and worked my butt off for it!


Pretty soon the same room where all the students sat, was now filled with teachers.

I delivered my workshop, and was thanked by the teachers and they told me about what they're now going to change in their lives as a result.



Gotta love speaking on a Friday. 

I had to head off from Sydney early for an hour and a half drive (if I beat the traffic) to Gosford to be Motivational speakers for schools at Gosford High. I had Gosford first up, before another hour and a half drive North to Greta Public.


I spoke at Gosford high school last year, and the teacher then said she'd get me back every year. This time was just for the boys of year 9, and after the drive I walked into school reception

"Hi I'm Luke Kennedy and I'm the guest speaker for today."

I love that :-)


After speaking with the guys again, I had to take off to make it in time for the primary school.

Arriving at the primary school half hour before kick off (How good is my timing!), I met, yet again, another wholesome and beautiful soul, the principal of Greta Primary, Sharon Morris. You can instantly feel a beautiful soul, and seeing Sharon's smile as she shook my hand, I could tell how much she cared for the kids, and that she was looking forward to my talk.

We had a deep chat while setting up, and I was blown away by her insightful mind and what she was doing for her school and community.

She really cared. She was special.


The little ones rolled in, and being a Friday afternoon, speaking with years 3-6 I had to use a lot of energy to hold their attention and drive my points home. Questions kept popping up during the talk, and it was bliss to hear that the students were listening and understanding.

More questions at the end, and then had a couple of photos with the little ones.

I thanked Sharon for having me and she responded by telling me that my talk was exactly what was needed for the students.

With her as the leader of the school, Greta Primary school is in safe hands.


I had about a 4 hour drive back to Sydney (ended up taking about 5 hours due to Sydney traffic Yay!!) And this gave me time to reflect on the few days that passed, and also time to chat with the family about how happy we were with Ruben Jnr going so well.


Life is really beautiful.  I hope you're loving yours xx



Motivational speakers for schools Luke Kennedy, loves nothing more than speaking with, inspiring, and opening the minds of the youth of Australia.

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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