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Motivational Speakers Brisbane & Country QLD

Okay.. this adventure away was a bigggg one! 

As a motivational speaker I get the opportunity to travel to some nice spots across Australia.


This trip was a huge drive up to Townsville (from Casino NSW) which equated to about 19 hours each way. That being said, I had a keynote speakers talk at a high school in Brisbane, before driving up to Mackay where I spoke at another high school, and then finally arriving in Townsville to be a motivational speaker at an event there.


So it was 4 talks spread across 4 days with a mammoth amount of driving in between.


I left home early on Monday morning for the drive up to Springfield Central where I was speaking with Yr 8 students. Arriving at the school I reflected on the talk I held there last year what smiled after recalling all the sensational messages I received afterwards. 

With a skip in my step I checked in at reception before heading to the big hall to set up. As I was setting up some early students arrived and sat down close to the front row.  I overhead a few of them taking about me “ahhh I remember this guy!” 

That grabbed my attention. 

After a quick conversation with them they filled me in on what they remembered from my talk. 

Inside my head I’m already planning another session! If they’ve heard my talk, there’s been a misunderstanding and I need to adjust things. 


I spoke to the teacher and realised there was a mistake and I had already spoken to the group. I’m pretty good at hiding things so played it cool and told her I have another session. I guess you could say I do have another session but it’s for those that are older than the year 8 group I was about to speak with. Already in my head I’m adjusting the talk and also had to go into my laptop to adjust my slides for the presentation. 


That being said, I was good to go… sort of haha.


The talk went pretty well considering, and it’s given me a lesson to ensure I’m always prepared for any scenario in my talks.


Afterwards we shared some laughs and questions and received a cool applause. 


Leaving the school I got into my car for the big drive north. 

It was about a 12 hour to Mackay which I didn’t want to do all in one go. I reached Rockhampton at 9pm, had a good sleep, woke early and drove the rest to Mackay North state school. 


It was the same process as I arrived at the school; a big smile as I recalled last years event. It’s always such a pleasure to visit the same school every year. Visiting the same spot gives me the chance to understand the school more, build a relationship with the teachers, which gives me the chance to connect deeper with the students. We all work together.


My first talk was for Year 7 & then Year 8.  What a time in their lives :-) 

It was again another great visit at the school and left smiling as the teacher called out “see you next year” :-)


Another 4 hour drive north to Townsville before having a nice snooze.

I had the Wednesday off which allowed for some needed chill time and to also get back to a heap of enquires. 

Over the 10 years of speaking I’ve been “running my own race” which means I’ve been doing all the emails, admin, enquiries, invoicing, and of course, motivational speakers events.

With this getting more busy and me wanting to have more time to work on some bigger projects, I’ve now just brought my beautiful wife on board to help out with all the back end stuff. That’s exciting! 


Thursday morning I arrived in the city and spoke with a solid group of young men at a young group there. I enjoy all of my talks but being a speaker for youth groups is definitely one of my favourite. 


After the event we all chilled out for a bit before I jumped in my car for an 11 hour drive South to have a quick snooze on a little town somewhere before I drove the rest of the way honey in the morning to that beautiful wife of mine :-) 

I say it a lot, but I absolutely love speaking across this beautiful country & if you have an event or organisation that you'd like me to speak at, please get in touch.

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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