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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Motivational Speakers | Tasmania | Luke S. Kennedy

"They were absolutely gripped by his story and messages. It's created a tremendous shift and I'm so grateful."
-Jillian Shapiro, School Psychologist | Reddam House Sydney

As a resilience speakers for schools and schools Motivational Speaker, this tour away was one of my biggest. 

I left home for 6 weeks of speaker for schools (currently writing this 5 weeks in) where I was speaking at primary schools, high schools, teacher PD events, community and parent talks.

To give an overview of the weeks, it went a little something like...

Week 1


  • I was guest Speaker for a full day for a bunch of teachers from Granville primary. This was held in Bowral (beautiful spot)

  • Engadine high school where I was speaker for high schools year 9

  • Oatley Campus where I held two sessions for year 10 students. This was mental health speakers and resilience speaker 

Week 2


  • Barellan Central school where I held two sessions. Speakers for Primary schools & speaker for high school students 

  • Franklin Public School Tumut where I was resilience speaker for primary schools and then held a parent/community event.

  • Gundagai Primary. This day/evening was hugggge! I held 5 sessions all up. Primary schools speaker, resilience speakers for high schools, teacher PD afternoon, and then a parent/community evening

  • Talbingo Primary school where I spoke with the primary schools students from around the area at a camp held at Talbingo Primary school

Week 3


  • Sacred Heart Ulverstone, This was a Motivational Speakers for primary schools followed by a staff PD afternoon

  • Sacred heart New Town, This was two sessions for high schools speakers. 

  • Molesworth Primary school, Motivational speakers for primary  schools & parent community talk as a mental health speakers

  • Peregrine Central school, Mental health speaker and resilience speakers for years 6 to 12

Week 4


  • Southern Cross catholic school Burwood, Resilience speakers for high school students for 2 sessions 

  • De La Salle Revesby, This was for one session with a select bunch of high school students ranging from a few different year groups.

Week 5


  • Knox Grammar, Resilience speakers for high school students -  300 students from year 9

  • Model Farms high school, Mental health speakers for year 9 students 

  • Reddam school, Motivational speakers for primary school students 

  • William Bayldon, South Coffs harbour, Mental health speaker for primary schools & staff PD afternoon 


I'm currently on a plane to WA to speak for week before heading to Noosa, Country QLD, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Victoria, Sydney, and then back home.

As you can see it's a huge 2 months - which I love! After having a heap of time last year where I was traveling around speaking (because of the obvious), it's really special to be back out and connecting with communities and helping create a positive energy shift. There's been many reports of issues coming about because of the last 12 months where people have been thrown out of their usual lives and a heap of communities have been suffering as whole, whether that be financially, mentally, emotionally, and socially, everyone has faced something. 

Just speaking with people and getting into communities has seen a big change in energy and attitudes. I’ve received countless messages from teachers, students, parents, and well, people, telling me about the insight gained and changes made since my visits. That's why I do what I do. I like opening the minds of the audience, plant some seeds, give examples of resilience, raise hope, empower, and let it all come together over the following weeks from my visit. I'm blessed to say that it's working.

This tour, for one of the weeks, I had a sidekick for the first time. I took my dad with my to Tasmania and I can honestly say it was one of the best 5 days :-)

We laughed, connected, shared stories, overcame freezing cold temperatures, and even tried vanlife. We hired a campervan, and even though out of the 4 nights, we spent 3 if those in a hotel (van parked in car park), the one night in the van was worth it. We did sleep a second because how cold it was, largely because we didn't plan too well (Kennedy boys at their best), but it's a week that we're still chatting about now and will do so for a long time.

There was many highlight during the tour, some standouts were something as simple as a primary school student saying "thank you, I now feel really good about myself"... if that doesn't sum up exactly what it's all about, I don't know what will.

I got to visit a castle of a school, Knox Grammar, and connected strongly with the students there.

Reddam school was another special one because of the students but also meeting and chatting with the school psychologist, Jillian Shapiro.
Her mind and obvious love of her role and students was magical.

Being the guest speaker for teachers conference in Bowral was also extremely fulfilling. I'm still chatting with some of the teachers now via email

Peregrine was mind blowing because of location, the staff, and gifted students.

Guest speakers for high schools Engadine is a spot I love to visit, and have done so for the past few years. The students there sit and listening intently. I always feel a strong connection there.

All in all, every school I visited had it's special unique moments and none were better than the other. It was just a bunch of connection and energy shifts that I'll never forget. Life's cool x

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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