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NRL | Luke S. Kennedy | Corporate and Event Motivational Speakers Sydney



Corporate and Event Motivational Speaker Sydney , Luke S. Kennedy, presenting to the Heads of NRL at Rugby League Central, Sydney.

Being contacted to speak to the Heads of NRL was a fun experience. It was cool to think that out of all of the Sydney Motivational Speakers, The NRL wanted to listen to me speak. I arrived at League Central, Moore Park, and couldn't wait to get present. I jumped in the elevator and already standing in the elevator was Rugby league champion, Laurie Daley. He smiled at me and said "hello" as I pushed the button to my floor.

Exiting the lift I saw NRL players everywhere. It was pretty funny seeing a bunch of massive guys, who I'm used to seeing on TV, strutting around like they were at work. All these guys i looked up to when growing up. It was a surreal experience.

Walking into the auditorium and was introduced to Todd Greenberg, NRL CEO. What a cool guy. He was extremely welcoming and said he was looking forward to hearing my talk.

Being a Sydney motivational speaker, it's exciting to see people entering the seating area. You get this excited buzz go through your body.

After being introduced by Todd Greenberg I then presented for 45 minutes and answered questions afterwards. I received amazing feedback and was a happy man leaving Rugby League central.

After being through those darktimes in life, I now smile at the littlest things. This wasn't so little though. In the past I was an overweight, drug addicted thug who would stutter and be awkward in social situations. I now stand as one of the best motivational speakers Sydney, and I'm extremely grateful for this.


As a motivational speaker my goal is to enlighten, motivate, and help people achieve success - whether that be emotionally, physically, or financially. It all begins with the mind.

To read more about my story grab a copy of my first book Stabbed Ego.

Do you have an audience that need to be inspired? Hire motivational speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, to present at your next event.

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