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Resilience Speakers for schools | Luke Kennedy | Mental Health Speakers 

Speakers on Resilience | Queensland | Luke Kennedy

It’s been a great start to 2023 & I’ve already had the chance to meet and connect with some incredible people. Being a motivational speaker Australia, it’s been a huge 8 years of travel, speaking, mentoring, and hearing the stories of people from all walks of life. 


After connecting with people with my story and messaging, they feel vulnerable enough to open up to me about their stories and insights.  It’s one of my favourite parts of it all - The people. 


This latest trip as mental health speakers and speakers on Resilience to Maroochydore state high school was no different. 


As a speakers for schools, it feels good to be invited back each year to the same spot. I must be doing something right haha.


I spoke at Maroochydore state high last year and this year it was to speak to two year groups 

Motivational speakers for resilience for years 10

Mental health speakers for years 9


After speaking with the organiser, the amazing Roslyn Campbell, she gave me a bit of a brief on the students and where they’re at. 


The year 10’s were just finishing a program around being your personal best & were leading into some drug & alcohol learning. Hearing this was just perfect as both topics are aligned with my motivational speaker topics.


For the year 9’s it was much of the same but also some resilience. Perfect!


The first session was starting at 10:40am and coming from NSW I had an extra hour up my sleeve thanks to daylight savings,


The drive from home was about 3 hours, and leaving at 7:15, would give me plenty of time with the extra hour… well so I thought. The traffic was massive! Heading towards Brisbane is always pretty hectic, but this time was overly heavy. I watched my ETA creep back minute by minute and at one time had me arriving at 10:12 with start time at 10:40. I was still 2 hours swat so it wasn’t looking the best. I like to get in 30 mins before kick off, so seeing the ETA climb like that brought up the heart rate a bit. I trust everything always works out, and it does. I put on an uplifting playlist and started dancing and singing along. 

The traffic opened up not long after and I watched the ETA start behaving and rested on an ETA of 9:50. Sweet!


With that new time, when I got close I had a quick duck in to Woolies to grab some food. As a motivational speaker, I like to have some good hydration and good beforehand, and when doing back to back motivational speakers on resilience talks, I keep my food and hydration up throughout. 


After woolies I arrived at the school right on time at 10:10 and walked into reception and was greeted by the amazing woman at the front who had such a nice smile.


Ros soon came out and we had a good chat as we walked to the hall. 


Walking into the nicely air conditioned hall was a welcomed surprise. Queensland can get very hot, and recently as a motivational speakers for schools in halls with little to no aircon. I’m not high maintenance or anything like that haha, I just like a comfy room when I’m speaking. I get pretty passionate as a motivational speakers so things can heat up pretty quickly. 


I set the slides and clicker up, waiting for the students to come in, and then for the next couple of hours delivered 2 great sessions with some very special students. The connection was super solid and afterwards the questions were thought provoking. 


A few students came up afterwards and bought copies of my books Redemption Road and chatted about what they got out of the talk. 


That’s what it’s all about.

Do you have a group of kids that need a push in the right direction? Let Luke inspire your kids.

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