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Australia's Speaker for High Schools & Primary Schools


Topics Covered...

  • Resilience​

  • Mental Health/Self-Care

  • Motivation & Inspiration

  • Reducing Fear, Anxiety, and Stress (workshops available)

  • How to Be Yourself & Stop Worrying What people think

  • Bullying (Self-Bullying & Impact of Negative Self Talk)

  • Detaching from Labels & Negative Beliefs

Motivational Speakers Sydney

"...The Best bit of professional learning I've witnessed in 15 years."

- Teacher, Wellington NSW

"My son was at this talk and you reached him. We've been having a tough year and none of us have been able to help. Your talk has been a massive turning point for him and everything is looking up. You are a godsend!"

- FB Message from parent.

"...It was the best workshop we've had."

- Jan Rowe, Teacher, Emerald

Luke uses his "Breathtaking" story to inspire deep, lasting change, and self-awareness, for a wide range of audiences, from primary schools, high schools, businesses, events, and even prisons.

He gets the students to realise how important it is to be themselves, to reach their full potential, raise their confidence, and not worry what other people think!

Through on the edge of your seat stories, Luke now connects deeply with any demographic. It doesn't matter what the demographic is though, he's found that all suffer from the same internal battles; worrying what people think, living up to labels/expectations, social awkwardness, anxiety, dealing with past trauma, and not knowing who they really are or where to fit in.  Luke's talks have proven to help in all of these areas. 


"What you're doing is amazing. My son came home today and I haven't seen him so excited to do something with his life. I don't know how I can ever repay you."

- Parent, Emerald.


"Today the yr 5's & 6's experienced a life-changing speech that will improve how we will treat others and ourselves. We found it very inspirational and we now feel like we can be whoever we aspire to be if we put our minds to it. Luke told us to be grateful for our life and make the most of it. This was a really good way to look brightly into our future. Luke had told us about his childhood of being negative and a bully towards himself. He also gave us tips to make our future positive, peaceful, and live our life to the fullest.

We learnt about meditation, reading books as well as how technology can impact our mental health"

- Students from Warrnambool East Primary

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Sydney's best motivational speakers for schools, Luke S. Kennedy, returned to speak to the high school students of St Gregory's College Campbelltown for the second time. His inspirational speech for students the previous visit created a big impact!


It was an absolute pleasure to come back and speak to the students at St Greg's. I was there a year ago and at the time I was the first speaker to have had the privilege to speak in the college's new auditorium. As a motivational speaker it's great to be invited back to speak at the same location. I made a big impact speaking to the student's last time, and still get messages now from those guys. 

I travelled to the school with a friend of mine, and another Sydney motivational speaker, Kath Koschel from The Kindness Factory. 

Kath's story is next level!! It was nice to have her there for the trip to Campbelltown and to watch me speak.


Presenting again to year 10, I spoke for 45 minutes to the young men who were extremely attentive. I noticed Kath up the back smiling and nodding her head. It made me smile. 

I was pumped to hear a heap of the audience had already read my book,  Stabbed Ego!  I was intrigued to hear their thoughts of the book and was blown away with their insight. The students of St Greg's always impress the hell out of me!


I look forward to returning to St Gregory's College to speak again next year. 


Sydney Motivational Speaker, Luke S. Kennedy, presenting to St Gregory's College, Campbelltown.

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